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Original TRUMP Token Struggles With Exchange Listings, Price Plummets

The cryptocurrency market has been no stranger to the rise and fall of meme coins, with various projects attempting to capitalize on popular culture and public figures. One such endeavor is the creation of a memecoin inspired by former US President Donald Trump, also known as the DJT token. However, the team behind this official Trump-themed token has faced a myriad of challenges in securing mainstream exchange listings, leading to significant price volatility and market ripples.

The Trump Memecoin’s Struggle for Legitimacy

The developers of the Trump-inspired memecoin have expressed their frustration over the difficulties they have encountered in getting their token listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite their efforts, platforms such as Kraken, Bybit, and OKX have either rejected their listing applications or remained unresponsive, citing the token’s perceived political nature as a potential risk factor. This has left the team wondering how to get listed on CoinGecko and other popular crypto exchanges.

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Kraken’s Refusal and the Emergence of TREMP

The team’s attempts to list the TRUMP token on Kraken, one of the largest US-based exchanges, were met with silence, according to the project’s marketing director, Steven Steele. Interestingly, Kraken did list a similar token, TREMP, which is a jokey counterpart to TRUMP. This decision has been seen by the TRUMP team as an example of “embarrassing levels of cowardice” and a lack of understanding of the current meme coin landscape.

Bybit and OKX’s Concerns over Political Sensitivity

Other exchanges, such as Bybit and OKX, have also expressed reservations about listing the TRUMP token. In screenshots shared with CoinDesk, representatives from these exchanges indicated that the political nature of the token was a sensitive topic, and they were unwilling to take on the potential risks associated with its listing. This highlights the challenges faced by politically-themed meme coins in gaining acceptance from centralized exchanges.

The Broader Impact on Trump-Inspired Memecoins

The challenges faced by the TRUMP token have had a rippling effect on the broader market of Trump-themed cryptocurrencies. Several other memecoins inspired by the former president, such as the TRUMPIE token, have also experienced significant price drops, highlighting the volatility and uncertainty surrounding this niche of the crypto ecosystem.

TRUMP, TRUMPIE, and $TRUMP Prices Plummet

According to the data, the TRUMP token has seen a dramatic 38% drop in its price, while TREMP has faced a 45% on-day loss. Similarly, TRUMPIE, another Trump-inspired memecoin, has experienced a 58.3% decline in its 7-day price change and a 76.1% drop in its 14-day change. These price drops underscore the market impact of the challenges faced by Trump-themed tokens.

The Biden-Inspired BODEN Token Also Suffers

The impact of the TRUMP token’s struggles has not been limited to Trump-themed projects. BODEN, a memecoin inspired by US President Joe Biden, has also reported a 26.2% decline in its 7-day price change and a 58.3% drop in its 14-day change. This suggests that the political risk associated with these tokens extends beyond just the Trump campaign.

The Uncertain Future of Trump-Themed Memecoins

As the TRUMP token team continues to seek major exchange listings, the future of this and other Trump-inspired memecoins remains uncertain. The market’s reaction to the challenges faced by the TRUMP token highlights the inherent volatility and risks associated with these types of speculative investments, especially during election season.

The Importance of Regulatory Clarity and Institutional Acceptance

The lack of mainstream exchange listings for the TRUMP token underscores the need for greater regulatory clarity and institutional acceptance within the cryptocurrency industry. Exchanges may be wary of the potential political and legal risks associated with listing such tokens, hindering the growth and adoption of these projects. This is particularly true for centralized exchanges, which face greater scrutiny compared to DEXs and prediction markets like Polymarket.

The Evolving Landscape of Memecoins and Political Finance

The TRUMP token’s struggles also shed light on the evolving landscape of memecoins and the emerging field of “political finance” or “PoliFi,” where ownership of a token can represent partisan affiliation. As this niche of the crypto market continues to develop, it will be crucial for projects to navigate the complex regulatory and social dynamics that come with incorporating political themes into their offerings. This may involve working with listings projects and reaching out to exchanges like LBank and FTX to secure token listings and increase token volume.

Navigating the Risks of Politically-Themed Cryptocurrencies

For developers, the TRUMP token’s experience highlights the need to carefully consider the regulatory and social implications of their projects, especially those with strong political associations. Securing exchange listings and maintaining market stability may require a nuanced understanding of the evolving crypto landscape and the sensitivities surrounding political themes. This may involve leveraging tools like the Messari API to track token performance and stay ahead of market trends.

The Importance of Diversification and Risk Management

Ultimately, the volatility and uncertainty surrounding the TRUMP token and other Trump-inspired memecoins underscore the importance of diversification and prudent risk management for cryptocurrency investors. As the market continues to evolve, investors must remain vigilant and conduct thorough due diligence before allocating funds to such speculative investments. This may involve looking beyond the hype of memes like “trump broke” or the “guy breaking chains meme” and focusing on the fundamentals of the project and the broader crypto market.


The journey of the TRUMP token has been marked by a series of challenges, from the difficulties in securing mainstream exchange listings to the significant price volatility experienced by the token and other Trump-themed memecoins. This case study serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the complexities and risks associated with politically-inspired cryptocurrencies. As the crypto industry continues to mature, navigating the delicate balance between innovation and regulatory compliance will be crucial for the long-term success and adoption of these emerging asset classes. Whether it’s the DJT token, the TREMP token, or the next political meme coin to emerge, investors and developers alike must remain vigilant and adaptable in the face of an ever-changing crypto landscape.

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