Part -2 of 2024’s Most Promising Defi Crypto Projects: A Comprehensive List

2024 list of defi crypto projects

Decentralised Finance, commonly referred to as DeFi, represents a revolutionary advancement in the financial industry that leverages blockchain technology to provide a wide array of financial services in a decentralized manner. At its core, DeFi aims to eliminate the need for traditional financial intermediaries, such as banks, by enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions through the use of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps).

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Significance in the Financial Industry

DeFi has gained significant attention due to its potential to democratize finance by offering accessible and inclusive financial services to anyone with an internet connection. The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in DeFi allows for the creation of digital assets and the facilitation of various financial activities, including peer-to-peer lending, yield farming, liquidity mining, and decentralized exchanges.

One of the key appeals of DeFi is its potential to enhance financial inclusivity by providing services to individuals who have been historically underserved by traditional financial systems. Furthermore, the transparency and security inherent in blockchain technology contribute to building trust among users, as all transactions and operations within DeFi are recorded on a public ledger, ensuring accountability and reducing the risk of fraud.

In summary, DeFi represents a paradigm shift in the financial industry, offering a new, transparent, and secure way to access and engage in financial activities, thus challenging traditional financial systems and paving the way for a more accessible and inclusive financial landscape.

Here is the second part of the list of Defi crypto projects which you should know about or may be use in your crypto journey. We will be covering all these projects in detail in coming days to give more insights on whats happening at the development forefront.

Ribbon Finance (RBN)

2024 List Of Defi Crypto Projects, Ribbon Finance, Rbn
image from ribbon finance

Ribbon Finance (RBN) stands as a pivotal blockchain protocol within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, leveraging derivatives to sculpt specific risk-return profiles for its users [20]. At the heart of Ribbon Finance’s innovative offerings is the ‘Theta Vault,’ an automated service designed to optimize ETH yields through covered call strategies. This approach not only exemplifies the project’s adeptness in employing derivatives but also underscores its commitment to delivering sophisticated financial instruments to the DeFi landscape [20].

Key Attributes of Ribbon Finance (RBN):

  • Flagship Product – Theta Vault: Automates high-yield strategies on ETH using covered call options, showcasing Ribbon Finance’s prowess in derivatives [20].
  • Native Token – RBN: Serves a dual purpose of governance and providing holder benefits, emphasizing the protocol’s community-driven approach. Importantly, RBN tokens are not seen as investments but as a means for stakeholders to influence Ribbon’s development trajectory [20].
  • Token Distribution: A strategic airdrop of 30M RBN tokens in mid-2021 targeted option sellers, early adopters, Theta Vault users, and Discord community members, fostering a broad and engaged user base [20].

Ribbon Finance’s performance and predictions paint a picture of a project with significant growth potential and market resilience. With a Year to Date (YTD) performance of 32.91% in 2023, Ribbon Finance outshines major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, signaling robust market confidence [22]. Furthermore, the protocol’s innovative use of blockchain technology and financial acumen, particularly its Theta Vault, is poised to sustainably generate yields for investors, contributing to its potential upsurge [22].

  • Market Performance and Predictions:
    • 2024 Price Prediction: Averages at $1.21, with a potential low of $0.002382 and a high of $2.58, indicating a volatile yet opportunistic market [21].
    • 2025 Price Outlook: Forecasts a broader range, with an average price of $0.02036, showcasing the project’s long-term growth trajectory [21].
    • Supply Metrics: Ribbon Finance’s supply is capped at 1 billion tokens across circulating, total, and max supply, hinting at scarcity-driven demand dynamics [22].

Ribbon Finance’s strategic focus on derivatives, lending, and an on-chain options exchange has not only diversified its service offerings but also significantly enhanced the risk-return profile for its users’ portfolios [5]. With an impressive growth of 130% in 2024, Ribbon Finance is emerging as a formidable force in the DeFi sector, driven by its commitment to innovation, community engagement, and financial sophistication [5].


2024 List Of Defi Crypto Project, Dydx,
image from

dYdX stands as a beacon in the decentralized exchange (DEX) landscape, operating on the Ethereum layer 2 system StarkWare, which facilitates perpetual trading with up to 25x leverage [26]. Unlike many of its contemporaries that utilize an automated market maker (AMM) model, dYdX adopts a traditional orderbook + matching model. This choice not only caters to both institutional and retail traders but also supports a wide range of trading strategies not typically available on AMM-based platforms [26]. The platform’s recent pivot towards perpetual trading and the launch of the dYdX Chain in October 2023 signify a significant transformation, aiming to enhance its offerings and market position [26].

Key Features and Innovations:

  • dYdX Chain: Utilizing the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, the dYdX Chain marks a leap towards full decentralization and interoperability within the Cosmos ecosystem. This strategic move allows for seamless cross-blockchain interactions, expanding the platform’s reach and functionality [26].
  • Token Utility: The DYDX token serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem, including governance, staking, and entitling holders to fee discounts. This multifaceted utility underscores the platform’s commitment to fostering a participatory and inclusive environment for its users [26].
  • Enhanced Trading Features: dYdX is continuously improving its exchange software, focusing on reliability and adding advanced trading features. These enhancements aim to provide traders with the tools they need to execute trades quickly and accurately. Support for additional clients in programming languages like C++, Rust, and Go is also being developed, minimizing delays and enhancing the overall user experience on the dYdX Chain [27].

Ecosystem Expansion and User Experience Improvements:

  • Instant Market Listings and Liquidity: The platform introduces instant and permissionless market listings, coupled with instant liquidity via LP Vaults. This functionality is crucial for maintaining a dynamic and fluid trading environment [27].
  • Risk Management: dYdX incorporates both cross-margin and isolated-margin at the protocol layer, offering traders enhanced risk controls. This feature is particularly valuable for those engaging in leveraged trading, providing a safeguard against market volatility [27].
  • Community and Connectivity: Efforts to improve exchange usability are underway, with a focus on better presentation and alerting of important information. The integration of social logins and the creation of trading profiles for each dYdX Chain address aim to foster a sense of community among users. Additionally, the platform is enhancing its alerting and notification systems, starting with email notifications, to keep traders informed and engaged [28].

In summary, dYdX’s strategic enhancements and commitment to innovation position it as a formidable player in the DeFi space. With a focus on perpetual trading, improved user experience, and ecosystem expansion, dYdX is poised for growth and continued relevance in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market [26][27][28].


2024 List Of Defi Crypto Projects, Osmosis
image from osmosis

Osmosis, a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Cosmos network, has rapidly ascended as a cornerstone in the DeFi crypto sphere, primarily due to its innovative approach and significant growth metrics. Here’s a detailed analysis of its performance and unique features:

Growth and Development:

    • Osmosis was identified as the most actively developed DeFi project recently, with over 169 commits on GitHub in the last month alone [30][31]. This surge in development activity underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.
    • The platform has become the primary DEX on Cosmos, attributing its success to a substantial increase in total value locked (TVL) and trading volumes between early October and March 15 [30]. This growth is further amplified by the platform’s role in yielding hundreds of millions of dollars in airdrops for farmers, making it a lucrative ecosystem for participants [30].

Market Performance and Social Engagement:

    • Currently, Osmosis is trading at $1.38357468336, with a market capitalization of $901,077,553.376 and a circulating supply of 651267737.271 OSMO coins [32]. The coin has seen a 0.50% increase in the past 24 hours and a 0.7% decline over the last week [32], indicating robust market confidence and investor interest.
    • The social volume of Osmosis has been on a steady incline since late October 2023, with trading volume experiencing a significant surge in December following a brief period of reduced activity [33]. This growing discussion and interest in Osmosis reflect its rising prominence within the DeFi community.

Innovative Features and Ecosystem Synergy:

    • Leveraging Cosmos’ Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), Osmosis facilitates a decentralized exchange that is not only future-proof but also designed for a parabolic rise in 2024 [5]. The platform’s integration with Cosmos-related infrastructure like Celestia and Dymension, which utilize core elements of the Cosmos ecosystem, has also contributed to the uptick in activity and interest in airdrop farming [31].
    • The introduction of eUSD by Lybra Finance (LBR), a liquid staking protocol on Osmosis, offering an interest-bearing stablecoin with real yields of approximately 8%, exemplifies the innovative financial instruments being developed within the Osmosis ecosystem [29].

Osmosis’s strategic positioning within the Cosmos ecosystem, coupled with its active development and robust market performance, underscores its potential as a leading DeFi project. The platform’s ability to attract significant interest and participation through airdrop farming and its innovative use of blockchain technology positions it for continued growth and influence in the decentralized finance landscape.

Compound (COMP)

2024 Defi Crypto Projects, Compound
part -2 of 2024's most promising defi crypto projects: a comprehensive list

Compound (COMP) has solidified its position as a cornerstone within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, offering a comprehensive platform for lending and borrowing a wide array of cryptocurrencies. The platform’s resilience and innovative features have played a pivotal role in its growth trajectory and market position. Here’s an in-depth look at its key attributes and market performance:

Market Dynamics and Token Performance:

    • As of March 28, 2024, Compound boasts a circulating supply of 8.1 million COMP out of a total supply of 10 million, with a market cap of approximately $633,437,720, ranking it as the 127th largest cryptocurrency [34].
    • Despite facing challenges in 2022 and a significant price drop in June 2023 due to broader market turmoil, COMP demonstrated remarkable resilience, bouncing back after a major crypto player invested in the token in July 2023 [34].
    • Price predictions for COMP are optimistic, with estimates suggesting a potential rise to $93.88 by 2024, $111.65 by 2025, and reaching up to $188.88 by 2030. Other predictions forecast an even more bullish scenario, with a potential high of $901.35 by 2030 [34].

Platform Features and Ecosystem Growth:

    • Compound utilizes cTokens (ERC20) for tokenization, allowing users to earn compound interest on their cryptocurrencies, with over $3.4 billion in assets as of July 2022 [35]. This innovative approach has contributed significantly to the platform’s appeal among DeFi enthusiasts.
    • The platform supports a variety of ERC-20 assets, including Ethereum (ETH), Stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Compound (COMP), 0x (ZRX), Wrapped BTC (wBTC), and Uniswap (UNI), providing users with a diverse range of borrowing and lending options [38].
    • Compound’s governance model is decentralized, enabling COMP token holders to vote on crucial protocol decisions such as new collateral types, borrowing power, and interest rate models, fostering a sense of community and shared ownership [35][37].

Security and Innovation:

    • Compound has undergone numerous security audits by reputable agencies like Open Zeppelin and Trail of Bits, ensuring the platform’s safety and integrity [35][37]. These audits have been instrumental in bolstering user confidence in the platform.
    • The introduction of borrowing caps for five cryptocurrencies and setting stricter loan limits for another five, following an exploit attempt on Aave, showcases Compound’s commitment to maintaining a secure and stable lending environment [36].
    • The platform’s algorithmic approach to adjusting interest rates based on supply and demand dynamics offers competitive returns to users, further enhancing its value proposition within the DeFi landscape [38].

Compound’s strategic initiatives and robust platform features have positioned it as a leading DeFi project, characterized by its innovative lending solutions, governance model, and commitment to security. Its ability to adapt and grow amidst the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market underscores its potential for continued relevance and expansion.


2024 List Of Defi Crypto Projects, Aave
image from aave

Aave (AAVE) stands as a formidable entity in the decentralized finance (DeFi) arena, rivalling Maker in terms of the largest lending platform by total value locked (TVL). This decentralized protocol facilitates the lending and borrowing of a diverse range of tokens across Ethereum and other blockchain networks, highlighting its versatility and broad appeal within the DeFi ecosystem [1].

Market Projections and Influential Factors:

  • 2024 Forecast: The price predictions for Aave in 2024 range from a low of $98 to a high of $175, with an average price pegged at $125. This variability underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and reflects the potential for significant growth or adjustments based on market conditions [39].
  • Key Price Influencers:
    • Regulatory Landscape: Aave’s market value is closely tied to regulatory developments. Positive regulatory news, such as the approval of Ethereum ETFs, could significantly boost Aave’s price. Conversely, adverse regulatory actions could lead to market declines [39].
    • Bitcoin Halving Event: The anticipated Bitcoin halving in 2024 is expected to trigger a bull market in the crypto sector, potentially elevating Aave’s market price as part of a broader market uplift [39].
    • Security Concerns: Any security incidents within the DeFi protocols or directly impacting Aave could adversely affect its price, highlighting the importance of robust security measures [39].
    • Market Adoption and Institutional Investment: A growing acceptance of DeFi solutions and increased institutional investment in platforms like Aave are poised to positively impact its price trajectory [39].

Aave’s Ecosystem and Technical Health:

  • Aave’s role as a decentralized protocol for cross-chain DeFi operations has been pivotal in its ascent as one of the leading DeFi protocols. The protocol’s ability to generate significant fees is a testament to its growing acceptance and increasing user adoption [40].
  • The technical analysis presents a mixed outlook, with most signals on a monthly timeframe indicating a sell or strong sell trend. This bearish sentiment is further supported by sell signals from the MACD Level, the Hull Moving Average (HMA), and the Simple Moving Average (SMA) [40].
  • Despite these challenges, the increasing number of active Aave addresses and the nearly tripled interest in the crypto asset over the past ten days suggest a resilient and engaged community base. This engagement, coupled with the protocol’s fundamental strengths, positions Aave for potential recovery and growth [40].

Aave’s journey through the volatile cryptocurrency market reflects its resilience and adaptability. With a keen focus on advancing decentralized lending and borrowing solutions, Aave continues to navigate regulatory landscapes, market dynamics, and technical challenges. As the DeFi sector evolves, Aave’s innovative approach and robust ecosystem make it a noteworthy project to watch in the coming years.

dYdX to aave, all the projects has power to reach the pinnacle of defi projects and adoption will definately increase as the regulatory approvals comes. It is just time when we will see the Decentralized exchanges being


DeFi keep evolving and there is a lot of innovation which is happening. Right from the cross chain swaps to concentrated liquidity. There is lot of exciting development in the area. Stay tuned for the third part of the series.

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