Empowering Users: Alipay and Avalanche’s Vision for Web3 Voucher Solutions

Alipay partners with Avalanche
Alipay partners with avalanche

Alipay, the popular online payment platform, has joined forces with Avalanche, a smart contract blockchain platform, to create a Web3-powered voucher program. This collaboration aims to leverage Web3 technology to enhance Alipay’s ordering solution, Alipay+ D-store, and its partnered e-wallets. By integrating Avalanche’s blockchain capabilities, Alipay hopes to revolutionize the voucher system and provide users with a seamless and rewarding experience. This article explores the mechanics of the Web3 voucher program, its potential benefits for users and brands, and the partnership between Alipay and Avalanche.

The Web3 Voucher Program: A Game-Changing Initiative

The groundbreaking Web3 voucher program, a joint venture between Alipay and Avalanche, introduces a captivating mini game that allows consumers to earn vouchers. This creative method not only boosts user engagement but also offers an immersive experience. Successfully completing the game enables users to claim their vouchers, which are conveniently stored in their e-wallets, streamlining the redemption process. These vouchers unlock 50% discounts at a network of over 500 milk tea shops across Southeast Asia, delivering substantial savings for milk tea aficionados.

Avalanche is at the forefront of powering the voucher program, having established a dedicated Avalanche Subnet through its AvaCloud service. This blockchain-enabled solutions infrastructure guarantees the secure and efficient operation of the voucher mechanism, capitalizing on the strengths of blockchain technology. Alipay, by adopting a Web3 developers’ approach, seeks to investigate how brands can utilize novel technologies to bolster user engagement, drive customer loyalty, and create new avenues for revenue.

Avalanche has revealed that the Web3 voucher program is in its proof-of-concept phase, with an expansion strategy to encompass over 2,000 stores and cater to 100 million voucher holders. This ambitious scale-up underscores Alipay’s dedication to adopting avant-garde technologies and offering its clientele groundbreaking solutions.

Collaboration and Blockchain-Powered Features

Alipay’s alliance with Avalanche unlocks a suite of blockchain-powered functionalities and access to digital collectibles. This partnership paves the way for Alipay to forge collaborations with diverse brands and venture into new horizons within the blockchain realm. By leveraging Avalanche’s prowess, Alipay is well-positioned to explore the vast landscape of decentralized finance and other emerging trends within the blockchain sector.

Avalanche is expanding its ecosystem through strategic partnerships with esteemed brands, such as its recent collaboration with Sports Illustrated’s ticketing division, SI Tickets. This partnership has enabled Avalanche to support SI Ticket’s NFT tickets platform, Box Office, on its robust blockchain infrastructure. The integration with Avalanche ensures that NFT tickets on the platform are minted with utmost security and efficiency.

Moreover, Avalanche is making inroads into the gaming industry by teaming up with the widely acclaimed MMORPG, MapleStory. This collaboration, facilitated through an Avalanche subnet, offers MapleStory users unique content-generation capabilities, aiming to elevate the gaming experience and showcase the potential of blockchain technology within the gaming arena.

The Future of Alipay and Avalanche’s Partnership

Alipay And Avalanche
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The alliance between Alipay and Avalanche marks a pivotal advancement in weaving blockchain technology into the fabric of mainstream payment systems. By harnessing the robust capabilities of Avalanche’s blockchain, Alipay is set to elevate its voucher program, offering a frictionless and rewarding experience to its users. This successful venture not only demonstrates the synergy between Alipay and blockchain technology but also sets the stage for future integrations within Alipay’s diverse ecosystem.

Transitioning from the POC stage to full-scale implementation, Alipay’s Web3 voucher program is poised to broaden its influence, bringing the avant-garde system to an expansive audience. This strategic move, powered by Avalanche, has the potential to revolutionize the payment industry, reaching millions and forging new alliances with a multitude of brands, thereby cementing the role of blockchain technology in modern payment solutions.


The innovative partnership between Alipay and Avalanche, focusing on a Web3-powered voucher program, showcases the transformative impact of blockchain technology on conventional payment systems. Utilizing Avalanche’s blockchain infrastructure, Alipay is dedicated to refining user experiences, bolstering customer retention, and unlocking new revenue streams. The program offers a unique and engaging method for users to enjoy discounts at popular milk tea shops across Southeast Asia. As Alipay continues to expand the program and delve into the blockchain realm, it is set to capitalize on blockchain-integrated features and digital collectibles, positioning itself at the forefront of industry trends and delivering cutting-edge solutions to its extensive user base.

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What is the Web3 voucher program introduced by Alipay and Avalanche?

The Web3 voucher program is a joint initiative that introduces a captivating mini game allowing consumers to earn vouchers, offering an immersive experience. These vouchers unlock 50% discounts at over 500 milk tea shops across Southeast Asia.

How does Avalanche contribute to the Web3 voucher program?

Avalanche powers the voucher program by establishing a dedicated Avalanche Subnet through its AvaCloud service, ensuring secure and efficient operation. The blockchain-enabled infrastructure guarantees the smooth functioning of the voucher mechanism.

What are the blockchain-powered features unlocked by Alipay’s collaboration with Avalanche?

The partnership enables Alipay to explore decentralized finance and digital collectibles, paving the way for collaborations with diverse brands. It also positions Alipay to delve into emerging trends within the blockchain sector.

What potential does the partnership between Alipay and Avalanche hold for the future?

The alliance marks a pivotal advancement in integrating blockchain technology into mainstream payment systems, with the potential to revolutionize the payment industry and forge new alliances with a multitude of brands.


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