Bitcoin at the Edge of a ‘Significant’ Correction: Insights from 10x Research

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Bitcoin, the world’s leading digital asset, is at a pivotal point as concerns over inflation and market instability intensify. This article taps into insights from 10x Research, a key player in the crypto markets, to discuss the potential for a significant correction in Bitcoin’s value. We’ll examine the factors driving this perspective, including inflation rates, economic indicators, and the performance of digital assets.

The Concerns and Economic Indicators

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Markus Thielen, the visionary behind 10x Research, has voiced his increasing concerns regarding risk assets, which include both tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. These worries are largely due to unexpected and persistent inflation rates. Projections from Bank of America suggest that US CPI headline inflation could hit 4.8% by the November 2024 election, marking a significant threat to the financial and cryptocurrency markets.

Bond Market Adjustments and Rate Cuts

A negative shift in economic indicators, particularly in the US bond market, has influenced 10x Research’s strategy to move away from risky assets. The bond market now anticipates fewer than three Federal Reserve rate cuts this year, a stark revision from previous, more optimistic predictions. This change has pushed the 10-year Treasury Yields to a peak of 4.61% this month, the highest since November 2023, following the latest federal reserve announcement.

Teetering on the Edge: Significant Bitcoin Price Correction

With these economic concerns in mind, 10x Research anticipates a significant price correction for risk assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Thielen remarked, “We sold all our tech stocks last night as the Nasdaq is trading very poorly and reacting to the higher bond yield. We only hold a few high-conviction digital assets. Overall, we are bearish on risk assets.”

The Performance of Bitcoin ETFs

The performance of US-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs has also raised eyebrows. Despite an initial surge in crypto prices following the SEC’s nod to nearly a dozen such ETFs in January, the influx of capital into these crypto ETFs has markedly slowed. This month, the five-day average net inflows into these ETFs dropped to zero, a sharp decline from the nearly $12 billion that poured in earlier in the year.

The Impact of the Bitcoin Halving

The anticipated quadrennial halving event in the Bitcoin network, set for April 20, usually stirs bullish sentiment and price surges due to the perceived scarcity. Yet, 10x Research cautions that the current market conditions might temper any potential rallies. Thielen notes, “After an initial novelty hype, ETF flows tend to dwindle unless prices keep climbing—which they haven’t since early March.”

The Trading Strategy and Decision-Making

Critics have scrutinized 10x Research’s trading strategy, labeling the firm’s decisions as erratic. Nevertheless, Thielen defends his firm’s approach, asserting, “It’s crucial to recognize that trading is a continuous game with high-conviction opportunities. The key lies in constantly analyzing the crypto markets and seizing those opportunities when the odds are in your favor.”

The Outlook for Bitcoin and Risk Assets

In summary, 10x Research’s cautious stance on risk assets, including Bitcoin, stems from concerns over inflation, bond market adjustments, and the performance of Bitcoin ETFs. Although the upcoming halving event has historically sparked bullish sentiment, the prevailing market conditions and economic indicators point towards a potential significant correction. Investors are advised to proceed with caution and stay well-informed as the cryptocurrency landscape evolves.


Bitcoin’s future is at a crossroads as concerns over inflation and market instability loom. Insights from 10x Research highlight the potential for a significant correction in the Bitcoin market, influenced by factors like inflation rates, economic indicators, and the performance of digital assets. Investors are encouraged to stay informed and exercise caution in the volatile crypto markets.


What are the factors driving concerns about a significant correction in Bitcoin’s value?

10x Research cites inflation rates, economic indicators, and the performance of digital assets as key factors intensifying concerns.

How has the bond market influenced 10x Research’s strategy regarding risky assets?

The negative shift in US bond market indicators has led 10x Research to move away from risky assets, anticipating a significant price correction.

What is the outlook for Bitcoin and risk assets according to 10x Research?

10x Research’s cautious stance on Bitcoin and risk assets is influenced by concerns over inflation, bond market adjustments, and Bitcoin ETF performance.

What cautionary advice does 10x Research offer to investors in the cryptocurrency landscape?

Investors are advised to proceed with caution, stay well-informed, and seek advice from professional financial advisors before making investment decisions.

Disclaimer: The insights shared in this article are intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial or investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves a risk of financial loss. Conducting thorough research and seeking advice from a professional financial advisor is crucial before making any investment decisions in the digital assets space. Hash Herald is not responsible for any losses in the market.


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