Bitcoin Poised for Record Highs Under Biden’s Second Term, Predicts Scaramucci

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As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, the crypto community is closely watching the candidates’ stances and their potential impact on the digital asset landscape. Amidst the political discourse, Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of Skybridge Capital and a former communications director under the Trump administration, has emerged as a prominent voice advocating for Joe Biden’s reelection. Scaramucci believes that a Biden second term would be a boon for Bitcoin (BTC) and the broader cryptocurrency market, predicting that the leading digital asset could reach new all-time highs under the president’s continued leadership.

Scaramucci’s Stance on Biden and Crypto

Scaramucci, a seasoned finance executive with a keen understanding of the political landscape, has been vocal in his support for Joe Biden’s reelection bid. In a recent podcast interview with Laura Shin, the host of the “Unchained” podcast, Scaramucci shared his rationale for backing the incumbent president.

Biden’s Stability and Predictability

Scaramucci emphasized that one of the primary reasons he will vote for Biden is the president’s commitment to the rule of law and the stability of democratic institutions. As a self-described “capitalist,” Scaramucci believes that the predictability of the legal framework is crucial for the smooth functioning of capital markets. He contrasted Biden’s approach with that of former President Donald Trump, whom he characterized as “extremely transactional” and willing to undermine the foundations of American democracy for his own political gain.

Crypto Regulation and Approval

Scaramucci also highlighted the Biden administration’s evolving stance on cryptocurrency regulation, which he sees as beneficial for the industry. During Biden’s first term, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved 11 different Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a significant milestone for the crypto ecosystem. Additionally, the president has taken steps to maintain a key tax framework, SAB 121, that makes it easier for financial institutions to hold digital assets.

Contrast with Trump’s Crypto Stance

In contrast, Scaramucci warned crypto enthusiasts about the risks of a potential Trump presidency, citing the former president’s previous hostility towards Bitcoin and other digital assets. Scaramucci noted that Trump was “very negative about Bitcoin and digital assets” during his time in the White House, but has now shifted his stance in a bid to capture the crypto community’s votes.

Scaramucci’s Bitcoin Price Prediction

Drawing on his extensive experience in the financial industry, Scaramucci has made a bold prediction regarding Bitcoin’s future performance under a second Biden administration. He believes that the leading cryptocurrency could reach new all-time highs, potentially surpassing its previous record of $73,750 set in March 2024.

Bitcoin’s Performance Under Biden

Scaramucci pointed out that Bitcoin has already experienced significant growth during Biden’s first term, rising from around $17,000 to $70,000. He attributed this surge to the stability and predictability that the Biden administration has brought to the markets, as well as the regulatory progress made in the crypto space.

Ethereum’s Trajectory

While Scaramucci’s primary focus has been on Bitcoin, he also touched on the potential trajectory of Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Ethereum has also seen substantial gains during Biden’s tenure, reaching an all-time high of $4,891 in November 2021. Scaramucci’s optimism for the crypto market under a second Biden term extends to Ethereum as well.

Regulatory Hurdles and Ongoing Challenges

While Scaramucci’s outlook on Bitcoin’s future under a second Biden term is overwhelmingly positive, he acknowledged that the crypto industry still faces significant regulatory hurdles and challenges.

Regulatory Uncertainty

One of the primary concerns raised by Scaramucci is the ongoing regulatory uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies. Despite the progress made during Biden’s first term, such as the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs, the industry still navigates a complex and evolving legal landscape. Scaramucci emphasized the importance of maintaining a predictable and stable regulatory framework to foster continued growth and innovation in the crypto space.

Grayscale’s SEC Lawsuit

Scaramucci specifically referenced the ongoing legal battle between Grayscale Investments and the SEC over the conversion of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a spot Bitcoin ETF. He acknowledged that while the industry had to “win a lawsuit” to achieve this milestone, the traditional legal processes were ultimately in place, providing a level of predictability that he believes is crucial for the crypto market.

Remaining Regulatory Challenges

Looking ahead, Scaramucci predicted that the Biden administration will likely sign additional regulatory measures during the president’s second term, as the crypto community’s political weight continues to grow. He expressed confidence that the industry will continue to work within the confines of the law to overcome any remaining regulatory hurdles, further solidifying the crypto’s position in the mainstream financial landscape.

The Broader Implications for Crypto

Scaramucci’s endorsement of Biden’s reelection and his optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s future under the president’s continued leadership have broader implications for the crypto industry as a whole.

Institutional Adoption and Mainstream Integration

Scaramucci’s confidence in Bitcoin’s potential to reach new all-time highs under a second Biden term could help drive increased institutional adoption and mainstream integration of cryptocurrencies. As the crypto market gains more stability and predictability, it may become a more attractive investment option for risk-averse institutional investors, further fueling the industry’s growth and adoption.

Regulatory Clarity and Investor Confidence

The regulatory progress made during Biden’s first term, as highlighted by Scaramucci, could also contribute to greater investor confidence in the crypto space. By providing a more stable and predictable legal framework, the Biden administration may help alleviate some of the concerns that have traditionally hindered wider crypto adoption, opening the door for broader mainstream acceptance.

Geopolitical Implications

Beyond the domestic implications, Scaramucci’s views on the potential benefits of a second Biden term for the crypto industry could also have global ramifications. As the US maintains its position as a leading player in the digital asset ecosystem, the country’s policy decisions and regulatory approach could influence the trajectory of crypto adoption and development in other parts of the world.


As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, the crypto community is closely watching the candidates’ positions and their potential impact on the digital asset landscape. Anthony Scaramucci, a prominent figure in the finance industry, has emerged as a vocal advocate for Joe Biden’s reelection, citing the president’s commitment to the rule of law and the stability of democratic institutions as key factors that could drive Bitcoin and the broader crypto market to new heights.

Scaramucci’s prediction that Bitcoin could reach record highs under a second Biden term is rooted in the administration’s evolving stance on cryptocurrency regulation, including the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs and the maintenance of a favorable tax framework. In contrast, Scaramucci warned crypto enthusiasts about the risks associated with a potential return of Donald Trump to the White House, citing the former president’s previous hostility towards digital assets.

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