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Bitcoin Price Plummets: Investors Lose $400 Million in 24 Hours

Amid a backdrop of impressive year-to-date gains, the price of Bitcoin encountered gravity as it plummeted from its lofty heights, signaling a period of pronounced market volatility. Financial analysts scrutinize a notable $400 million in liquidations , a stark manifestation of the delicate equilibrium within the digital currency landscape.

Elucidating the precipitous recent movements, this article examines the factors influencing the bitcoin price alongside the broader implications for crypto investors and institutional players. The forthcoming analysis delves into the intricate dynamic between trading volume and market sentiment, casting a spotlight on the future trajectory of cryptocurrencies.

The Surge and Sharp Retracement of Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise and Sudden Retracement :

The trajectory of bitcoin’s value in recent months has been nothing short of remarkable. Here’s a closer look at the surge and the subsequent sharp retracement:

Bitcoin Price Plummets: Investors Lose $400 Million In 24 Hours
  1. All-Time High Achieved:
    • On March 5, 2024, Bitcoin hit a record-setting all-time high, soaring above $69,200, a staggering 300% increase since November 2022. This peak marked a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency, reflecting a robust year of growth and investor confidence. (New York Times). Some of it can be attributed to bitcoin halving and the bull run everybody is talking about, other reason is the amount if inflow in the form of Bitcoin ETF as major banks in US are pushing for bitcoin ETF
  2. The Catalysts for the Surge:
    • The surge was largely fueled by the demand for spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investors poured $7.35 billion into the 11 different funds available, signifying a strong institutional and retail appetite for digital currencies. (CBS News).
  3. Retracement and Market Reaction:
    • Despite the broader tech gains in the stock market, Bitcoin experienced a significant drop, plummeting by 10% to around $62,000 per coin. This sharp decline came amidst debates over the sustainability of tech gains and whether the market had reached its peak.
    • A supply concentration around the all-time high level could potentially lead to resistance, contributing to a correction. Analysts had anticipated minor corrections with potential pullbacks to support levels at $60K and $58K. (CryptoPotato)
    • Some deeper analysis done in the previous bitcoin bull run can clearly show that a 20% hairline dip always occurs before the actual breakout of bitcoin and other major crypto assets and crypto currencies.
  4. Key Support Levels and Outlook:
    • The sharp pullback from the new all-time high resulted in a trading price adjustment to around $62,000. The price point brought bitcoin almost 10% lower than its all-time high.
    • Doomsday analysts have also flagged that bitcoin might have already touched the all time high for the season and will decline from here. But the current scenario looks like bitcoin is recovering from the hairline decline.
    • supply of million
      The dynamic nature of the price of Bitcoin continues to captivate crypto investors and financial analysts alike as the digital currency navigates through its cycles of ebbs and flows.

Analysis of $400 Million Position Liquidations

The recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market has led to a staggering amount of liquidations, profoundly impacting traders and the overall market sentiment. Here is an in-depth analysis of the $400 million in position liquidations:

  • Extensive Liquidations Across the Board:
    • Within a mere 12-hour window, the market saw $360 million in liquidations, affecting an estimated 120,000 traders. The largest single position liquidated on OKX amounted to over $8 million. This massive sell-off indicates a significant level of distress in the market, as positions are forcibly closed due to margin calls and stop-loss orders being triggered (CryptoPotato).
  • Altcoins Bear the Brunt:
    • The ripple effect of the Bitcoin crash extended to altcoins such as Ripple, Cardano, Polkadot, Chainlink, and Shiba Inu, all of which experienced notable losses. These losses underscore the interconnected nature of the cryptocurrency market, where the price of Bitcoin often sets the tone for altcoin valuations (CryptoPotato).
  • A Closer Look at Liquidation Details:
    • In the past 24 hours, nearly $400 million worth of leveraged trader positions were liquidated, with a significant portion being shorts. Bitcoin shorts faced $177.15 million, and Ethereum shorts saw $42.23 million in liquidations. This trend suggests that many investors were betting against the market, anticipating a downturn that came to fruition. The total open interest in Bitcoin futures also experienced a sharp decline, with $1.2 billion erased from the derivatives market, pointing to a broader market correction and heightened caution among crypto investors (CoinMarketCap, Blockonomi).

      The data paints a picture of a market that is both highly speculative and reactive, with traders quick to enter and exit positions, contributing to the volatile swings observed in the price of bitcoin and other digital currencies. This analysis serves as a cautionary tale for both retail and institutional investors, highlighting the inherent risks of a market driven by speculation and leveraged trading.

Impact on Traders and Market Sentiment

The recent tumult in the price of Bitcoin has not only affected the valuation of digital currencies but also the sentiment and strategies of those invested in the market. Here’s how the liquidation event impacted traders and the overall market mood:

  • Market Psychology Shifts:

    Market analysts had long predicted the volatility inherent to Bitcoin, especially during bull markets. However, the scale of the recent liquidations served as a stark reminder of the cryptocurrency’s unpredictable nature, fostering a climate of uncertainty and apprehension among crypto investors (Coinpedia).
  • Increased supply of million in Sparks fear sparks:
    The large Bitcoin liquidations added to the market’s supply, leading to a dip in the bitcoin price. This sudden increase often triggers panic selling as investors rush to liquidate their holdings, fearing further losses. This panic can spread rapidly, exacerbating the bearish sentiment and potentially causing a domino effect of sell-offs across the cryptocurrency news landscape (Bydfi).
  • Opportunities Amidst Turbulence:
    While liquidations can signify distress in the market, they can also present opportunities for crypto investors who maintain a long-term perspective on the potential of cryptocurrencies. These market dips may be viewed as advantageous entry points for those with a bullish outlook on the digital currency news sector (Bydfi).
  • Risk Management as a Shield:
    To weather such volatility, traders are advised to employ robust risk management strategies. This includes using stop-loss orders, diversifying portfolios, and being vigilant about margin calls. Financial analysts emphasize the importance of educating oneself on risk management to navigate through the volatile waters of crypto exchanges effectively (BizTechAfrica).

    These insights underscore the complex interplay between market movements and trader psychology, highlighting the need for a strategic and informed approach to participating in the cryptocurrency market.

Future Outlook for Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Market

The transformative recovery from the 2022 lows has not only bolstered the total market value of cryptocurrencies to an estimated $2.6 trillion but has also solidified Bitcoin’s prominence among major financial institutions. This resurgence has been particularly notable as Bitcoin continues to captivate financial analysts with its resilience and potential for growth.

Despite occasional skepticism from figures in traditional finance, the long-term outlook for Bitcoin remains optimistic. Many market participants regard price corrections as opportune moments to invest, suggesting a strong belief in Bitcoin’s enduring value.

The price of Bitcoin today is influenced by a confluence of factors that extend beyond immediate market dynamics. These include macroeconomic considerations, regulatory developments, and the strength of the U.S. dollar, all of which shape investor sentiment and trading volume. Notably, the upcoming Bitcoin halving event is anticipated to exert upward pressure on prices, alongside advancements in Bitcoin ETFs, Layer 2 protocols, and regulatory clarity.

Institutional investors’ growing interest in digital currencies is set to inject further capital and foster partnerships within the space. Their participation signals a broader acceptance of cryptocurrencies, potentially propelling the market to new heights. However, the market’s inherent volatility and regulatory uncertainties remain factors that could temper this growth.

Looking ahead, several developments are poised to shape the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024:

  • Geopolitical Movements:
    • Brazil is anticipated to become a leading crypto-friendly nation, with plans to tokenize a portion of its sovereign debt on the blockchain, showcasing the potential for cryptocurrencies in traditional finance (VanEck).
  • Gaming and Web3 Expansion:
    • The number of monthly web3 gamers is expected to surge from 2 million to 20 million as mainstream gaming studios enter the market, signaling the growing intersection of entertainment and blockchain technology (VanEck).
  • Ethereum’s Developmental Milestones:
    • Ethereum is slated to enable the Dencun Upgrade on march 13, 2024 which will solve the major limitation for layer2 to scale and this will help all major layer 2 payers across markets like Matic etc.

      These advancements, along with increasing mainstream adoption and technological progress, are expected to drive the growth trajectory of the crypto market in 2024 (Chain News) and beyond. Nevertheless, participants must navigate the sector with caution, as the digital currency exchange arena remains subject to high volatility and regulatory headwinds.


The fluctuating fortunes of Bitcoin highlight not only its inherent volatility but also the resilience it has shown in recovering from market dips and capitalizing on investor confidence. While the $400 million liquidation served as a stark wake-up call for the cryptocurrency community, it also reinforced the importance of strategic risk management and the potential for long-term investment opportunities. As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, the interplay between investor sentiment and digital currency valuations will undoubtedly remain a key focus for both traders and financial analysts alike.

As we forge ahead, it’s clear that the crypto landscape is ever-evolving, with DeFi, geopolitical advancements, and Ethereum’s developmental milestones poised to shape the future of digital currency. This continuous transformation underscores the need for investors to stay informed and agile in their approach to the market. For those looking to navigate these dynamic waters, the emphasis on education and due diligence has never been more crucial, serving as the bedrock for savvy investment decisions in the cryptocurrency arena.


What is the current price forecast for Bitcoin in the next day?
The current live price of Bitcoin stands at $68,253.26 per BTC/USD, with a market capitalization of $1.34082 Trillion USD. The trading volume over the past 24 hours has reached $69.77 billion USD. Bitcoin’s price in USD is constantly updated and has seen a 6.88% increase in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 19.64 million BTC.

What are the reasons behind the recent decline in Bitcoin’s value?
Bitcoin experienced a significant drop of over 10% from its new all-time high on Tuesday, following intense selling activity on cryptocurrency exchanges. This sell-off halted the price’s ascent beyond $69,000, causing it to dip below $60,000 at one point.

What is Bitcoin’s highest price ever recorded?
The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) recorded a peak price for Bitcoin at $65,563.25, which occurred in the early hours of Monday. This peak is approximately 5% lower than Bitcoin’s highest value ever, which was $69,000, reached in November 2021.

By what percentage has Bitcoin’s price increased in the past day?
Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin’s price has risen to $67,431.53, marking a 7.42% increase as of 1:00 a.m. There has been notable price movement in Bitcoin during this period.