Former President Donald Trump Embraces Bitcoin as an Additional Form of Currency

Trumop embrace bitcoin as form of currency
Photo by geralt on Pixabay

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump shared his insights on cryptocurrencies, describing Bitcoin as ‘an additional form of virtual currency.’ This remarkable pivot from Trump’s previous skepticism reflects a broader acceptance of digital assets. Once dismissive of Bitcoin as ‘based on thin air’ and prone to volatility, he has now embraced its burgeoning role and even permits payments in digital currencies for his merchandise. The article delves into Trump’s shifting perspectives on Bitcoin and the potential ripple effects on the cryptocurrency domain.

During his CNBC dialogue, former President Trump acknowledged that Bitcoin has carved out its own niche in the world of digital assets. He recounted his crypto fun, engaging in Bitcoin-related ventures for enjoyment and profit, including sales of his limited-edition sneakers. Trump noted that while he doesn’t hold Bitcoin personally, he’s open to accepting it as a form of fiat currency, allowing enthusiasts to participate in a ‘new currency.’ His current stance signals a more welcoming attitude toward cryptocurrencies, contrasting with his earlier critical comments.

“If you think of it, it’s an additional form of currency.” – Donald Trump

Trump highlighted the triumph of his ‘Trump’s shoes’ campaign, noting that a substantial number of transactions were completed using cryptocurrencies. He expressed amazement at the fervor for these sneakers and the considerable sums exchanged through the novel digital assets. Trump’s direct experience with the broad adoption of virtual currency in his merchandise transactions has evidently altered his view on their worth and viability.

Despite recognizing Bitcoin’s emergence as an alternative fiat currency, former President Trump maintains his traditionalist leanings, favoring the USD as the dominant store of value. He argues for the dollar’s supremacy to avert nations from abandoning the dollar standard, which he deems vital for America’s economic fortitude. Trump cautions that losing the dollar’s status as the global reserve currency could undermine U.S. interests.

“I’m very much a traditionalist. I like staying with the dollar.” – Donald Trump

he shift in Trump’s tone regarding Bitcoin, paired with his receptiveness to cryptocurrency transactions, has fueled speculation about his potential support for digital assets. Observers on social media suggest that his comments hint at a less stringent approach to crypto regulation should he re-enter the Oval Office. This apparent change in attitude could have profound effects on the U.S. regulatory framework for virtual currencies.

Emerging reports indicate that Trump’s foray into digital assets, including his NFT project, has paid off, with substantial appreciation in his crypto portfolio, particularly in ETHUSD and BTCUSD. While the exact scale of his personal cryptocurrency holdings remains undisclosed, his active engagement in the crypto sphere suggests a significant shift in interest and possible financial benefits from the rise of virtual currencies.

If re-elected, Trump vows to halt the Federal Reserve’s plans to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which he perceives as a ‘dangerous threat to freedom.’ His commitment to preserving the USD and America’s monetary sovereignty is consistent with his traditionalist views. Trump’s firm stance on fiat currency and crypto regulation may shape the ongoing debate and policymaking concerning the U.S. adoption of a CBDC.


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