‘First Citizen’ of Bitcoin City Departs El Salvador After Over Two Years of Construction Delays

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El Salvador’s ambitious plan to construct a Bitcoin-centric metropolis, dubbed “Bitcoin City“, has faced its fair share of obstacles. However, despite the setbacks, one of the self-proclaimed “first citizens” of this envisioned crypto-haven, Corbin Keegan, remains steadfast in his commitment to the project. This article delves into the intricacies of Bitcoin City’s journey, the challenges it has encountered, and Keegan’s unwavering determination to be part of its future.

The Unveiling of Bitcoin City

In November 2021, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele announced the grand plan for Bitcoin City, a geothermal-powered settlement designed to serve as a hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Envisioned as a regulatory haven for Bitcoin and other digital assets, the city promised tax benefits and a framework tailored to attract investors and residents from around the world.

The Allure of Being a Bitcoin City Pioneer

Eager to be among the pioneering residents of this groundbreaking initiative, Corbin Keegan, a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Chicago, relocated to El Salvador. Keegan, determined to be one of the first citizens of Bitcoin City, settled near the designated construction site, living in a makeshift dwelling as he awaited the city’s development.

Delays and Setbacks

However, as time passed, the progress on Bitcoin City’s construction remained elusive. The much-anticipated issuance of “Volcano Bonds,” intended to fund the city’s development, faced repeated delays despite receiving regulatory approval in 2022. This lack of tangible progress, coupled with the absence of significant construction activity, began to dampen Keegan’s initial enthusiasm.

The Departure and Return of the “First Citizen”

Faced with the extended wait and the absence of concrete developments, Keegan made the decision to temporarily return to the United States. Local Salvadoran media reports suggest that Keegan’s departure was not permanent, and he expressed the possibility of returning to El Salvador once there was more progress on the Bitcoin City project.

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The Challenges Facing Bitcoin City

Keegan’s departure serves as a stark reminder of the challenges El Salvador faces in bringing Bitcoin City to life. The ambitious project requires substantial investment, a clear regulatory framework, and consistent progress to attract both residents and businesses.

Regulatory Hurdles

While El Salvador has made strides in establishing a legal framework for Bitcoin, translating that into a functional and thriving metropolis has proven to be a complex undertaking. The government’s continued commitment to the project is evident, but questions linger regarding the timeline and feasibility of Bitcoin City.

Funding Delays

The delayed issuance of the Volcano Bonds, which were intended to provide the necessary funding for Bitcoin City’s development, has been a significant roadblock. This delay has slowed the progress of the project, contributing to the waning enthusiasm of early supporters like Corbin Keegan.

Construction Challenges

The lack of visible construction activity on the designated site for Bitcoin City has also been a source of concern. Without tangible progress, potential residents and investors may be hesitant to commit to the project, further complicating its realization.

Corbin Keegan’s Unwavering Commitment

Despite the challenges and delays, Corbin Keegan remains steadfast in his support for Bitcoin City. He has expressed his intention to return to El Salvador, reaffirming his commitment to the project and his belief in its potential.

The Allure of a Bitcoin-Powered Metropolis

Keegan’s decision to relocate to El Salvador and be part of the Bitcoin City project speaks to the allure of a cryptocurrency-centric city. The promise of a regulatory framework tailored to digital assets, tax benefits, and the opportunity to be part of a pioneering initiative have captivated the imagination of cryptocurrency enthusiasts like Keegan.

Weathering the Storm

Keegan’s temporary departure from El Salvador may be viewed as a setback, but his willingness to return once progress is made demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the Bitcoin City vision. His perseverance in the face of delays and challenges serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of this ambitious project.

The Road Ahead for Bitcoin City

As El Salvador continues to navigate the complexities of bringing Bitcoin City to fruition, the future of the project remains uncertain. However, the government’s persistent efforts and the dedication of early supporters like Corbin Keegan suggest that the dream of a Bitcoin-powered metropolis may yet be realized.

Overcoming Obstacles

The successful implementation of Bitcoin City will require overcoming a range of obstacles, including securing the necessary funding, establishing a robust regulatory framework, and ensuring consistent construction progress. The Salvadoran government will need to demonstrate its ability to deliver on its ambitious promises and provide a clear roadmap for the city’s development.

Attracting Investors and Residents

Ultimately, the success of Bitcoin City will depend on its ability to attract both investors and residents who are willing to embrace the cryptocurrency-centric vision. Keegan’s continued interest in the project, despite the setbacks, suggests that there is a dedicated community of supporters who are eager to be part of this pioneering initiative.


El Salvador’s Bitcoin City project has faced a series of challenges, from funding delays to construction hurdles. The temporary departure of Corbin Keegan, the self-proclaimed “first citizen,” has served as a stark reminder of the obstacles the government must overcome to bring this ambitious plan to fruition. However, Keegan’s unwavering commitment to the project and the Salvadoran government’s persistent efforts suggest that the dream of a Bitcoin-powered metropolis may yet be realized. As the world watches the unfolding of this groundbreaking initiative, the future of Bitcoin City remains uncertain, but the determination of its supporters continues to fuel the hope for its eventual success.

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