Stablecoin Giant USDT (Tether) Solidifies Foothold in Bitcoin Mining with 25% Stake In Bitdeer

Stablecoin Giant USDT (Tether) Solidifies Foothold in Bitcoin Mining with Landmark Bitdeer Investment

In a exciting development, the USDT stablecoin issuer, Tether, has made a strategic investment by acquiring a substantial 25% stake in the prominent Bitcoin mining firm, Bitdeer. This move, as confirmed through a recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, positions Tether as the second-largest shareholder in Bitdeer, trailing only Victory Courage Ltd., a company linked to Bitdeer’s CEO, Jihan Wu. The news has sent shockwaves through the bitcoin mining community, as more investors look to invest in crypto mining.

Bitdeer’s Impressive Market Performance

The impact of Tether’s investment is immediately evident, as Bitdeer’s share price surge has seen a noteworthy surge. At the time of writing, the company’s stock is trading at $7.15, reflecting a 2% increase since the U.S. markets opened. Moreover, Bitdeer’s share price has experienced an impressive 26% gain since the start of May, underscoring the market capitalization’s confidence in the company’s growth potential and position among leading bitcoin mining stocks.

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Tether’s Financing Deal with Bitdeer

Tether Picks Up 25% Stake In Crypto Mining Firm Bitdeer
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The Tether-Bitdeer partnership was forged through a private placement deal, which enabled Bitdeer to raise a substantial $100 million in gross proceeds financing. As part of this agreement, Tether Holdings Limited now controls 23,587,360 BTDR shares, a significant increase in its Bitdeer holdings. Additionally, the deal includes a warrant that allows Tether to purchase up to 5,000,000 additional shares at $10.00 per share over the next year, further solidifying its presence in the cryptocurrency mining sector.

Bitdeer’s Expansion and Technological Development Plans

Bitdeer has outlined its strategic plans for utilizing the proceeds from this deal. The company intends to direct these funds towards the data center expansion of its mining sites, the development of advanced ASIC mining rig and bitcoin miner machine, and other general corporate initiatives. Linghui Kong, Bitdeer’s Chief Business Officer, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “With Tether’s support, we are poised to accelerate our revenue growth and continue our leadership in sustainable and efficient Bitcoin mining using cutting-edge blockchain technology.”

Bitdeer’s Journey to Nasdaq Listing

Bitdeer’s path to its current Nasdaq listing has been marked by various challenges and delays. The company went publicly traded in 2023 through a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) merger with Blue Safari Group, following several postponements and restructuring of business units. Now trading under the BTDR ticker, Bitdeer’s successful public listing showcases its resilience and the strategic value that partnerships like this one can bring.

Tether’s Expanding Investment Portfolio

Tether’s investment in Bitdeer is not its only recent foray into the crypto economy. The company has also made a $19 million capital injection investment in XREX Group, a firm backed by the Taiwanese Government National Development Fund. XREX plans to use the funds to develop cross-border B2B payments utilizing USDT and to launch its own USD-pegged stablecoin, XAU1, expanding the tether trust. Furthermore, XREX’s Singapore entity has secured the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Major Payment Institution License, enabling it to operate as a payment processor in the region and facilitate btc to USDT conversions.

Tether’s Commitment to Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

Tether’s investment in Bitdeer aligns with its recently introduced business unit, Tether Power, which is dedicated to “venturing into sustainable bitcoin mining operations.” This strategic move underscores Tether’s commitment to supporting environmentally-conscious practices in the crypto mining industry, a growing concern among investors and regulators. Tether aims to promote carbon-free operations and reduce the environmental impact of power-intensive computers used in mining.

Bitdeer’s Sustainability Initiatives

Bitdeer has also made sustainability a key focus in its operations. The company unveiled plans last year to build carbon-free crypto mining facilities in Bhutan, further reinforcing its dedication to eco-friendly practices in the Bitcoin mining space. These initiatives position Bitdeer as a leader among bitcoin mining companies in terms of environmental responsibility.

Tether’s Profit Surge and Diversification

Tether’s investment in Bitdeer comes at a time when the company has reported record-breaking profits. In the first quarter of 2024, Tether posted a net profit of $4.52 billion, a testament to its financial strength and ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the crypto ecosystem. This impressive performance is driven by increased trading volume on centralized exchanges and growing demand for stablecoins like USDT.

Tether’s Strategic Vision and Collaboration with Bitdeer

Tether’s CEO, Paolo Ardoino, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the Bitdeer partnership, stating, “Bitdeer’s proven track record and world-class management team are perfectly aligned with Tether’s long-term strategic vision. We anticipate close infrastructure collaboration with Bitdeer across several key areas moving forward, leveraging their expertise in ASIC profitability calculator and miner profit calculator to optimize our mining operations.”

Implications for the Crypto Mining Landscape

Tether’s substantial investment in Bitdeer has significant implications for the broader crypto mining industry. As a leading stablecoin issuer, Tether’s foray into this sector signals its confidence in the future of Bitcoin mining and its willingness to support innovative and sustainable players in the space. This move may inspire other major players to explore opportunities in coin miner and cloud mining.

Bitdeer’s Competitive Advantage with Tether’s Support

The partnership with Tether is expected to provide Bitdeer with a significant competitive edge. By securing access to substantial financing and the backing of a prominent industry player, Bitdeer can accelerate its growth, expand its operations, and further solidify its position as a leading Bitcoin mining company. The company’s focus on developing internally designed chip and advanced mining hardware, coupled with Tether’s support, sets the stage for increased efficiency and profitability reduction.

Conclusion: Tether’s Strategic Diversification and Industry Influence

Tether’s strategic investment in Bitdeer, as well as its other recent crypto-related initiatives, demonstrate the company’s commitment to portfolio diversification and expanding its influence within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. This move not only strengthens Tether’s presence in the mining sector but also highlights its ambition to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the crypto industry as a whole.


1)What is the significance of Tether’s investment in Bitdeer?

Tether’s investment in Bitdeer solidifies its foothold in Bitcoin mining, positioning it as the second-largest shareholder in Bitdeer and signaling confidence in the crypto mining industry.

2)How has Bitdeer’s market performance been impacted by Tether’s investment?

Bitdeer’s share price has surged, experiencing a 26% gain since May, reflecting market confidence in the company’s growth potential and position among leading Bitcoin mining stocks.

3)What are the key aspects of Tether’s financing deal with Bitdeer?

Tether’s private placement deal enabled Bitdeer to raise $100 million in gross proceeds financing, with Tether now controlling a significant stake and holding a tether warrant for additional shares.

4)What are Bitdeer’s strategic plans following the Tether deal?

Bitdeer plans to utilize the proceeds for data center expansion, development of advanced ASIC mining rigs, and to accelerate revenue growth in sustainable Bitcoin mining using cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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