Crypto Market Maker Wintermute enters Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs market

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In a strategic move to capitalize on the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, the global algorithmic market maker Wintermute has announced its plans to provide liquidity services to Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum ETFs. This expansion into the Asian market comes as Wintermute seeks to strengthen its foothold in the region, leveraging Hong Kong’s increasingly crypto-friendly regulatory environment amid the ongoing turbulence in Western jurisdictions.

Wintermute’s Foray into Hong Kong’s Crypto ETF Ecosystem

Wintermute’s decision to partner with OSL Digital Securities and HashKey HK Exchange, both of which are sub-custodians for the Hong Kong-listed spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs, underscores the firm’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in the growth of digital asset investment vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region. As the market maker takes on the responsibility of facilitating the buying, selling, and delivery of the underlying BTC and ETH assets for these ETFs, it aims to ensure a seamless creation and redemption process for investors.

Expanding Wintermute’s Footprint in Asia

Wintermute’s co-founder, Yoann Turpin, has revealed that the company is shifting its focus towards Asia, with plans to establish a third office in Dubai, another jurisdiction known for its progressive crypto-friendly policies. This strategic move reflects the firm’s recognition of the growing opportunities in the region, as several Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan, have introduced new regulations and initiatives to nurture the crypto industry’s development.

The decision to bolster Wintermute’s presence in Asia comes amidst the heightened regulatory scrutiny faced by the crypto industry in the West. The United States, in particular, has intensified its oversight of the sector, with financial regulators taking legal action against leading exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. In contrast, Asia has been more welcoming, with Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) paving the way for a more crypto-friendly environment by signaling its intent to license more than eight crypto companies by the end of the year and easing regulatory requirements for crypto exchanges.

Wintermute’s Liquidity Provision for Hong Kong’s Crypto ETFs

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As a leading global market maker, Wintermute’s involvement in Hong Kong’s spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs is expected to play a crucial role in providing the necessary liquidity to support the smooth functioning of these investment vehicles. By partnering with OSL and HashKey, Wintermute aims to ensure that investors have access to efficient trading and seamless asset management within the ETF ecosystem.

Addressing the Slow Start of Hong Kong’s Crypto ETFs

The three Hong Kong-listed Bitcoin ETFs, which went live on April 29, 2023, have experienced a relatively slow start compared to their counterparts in the United States. As of the close on the first Monday, the Bitcoin ETFs had accumulated just shy of 4,400 bitcoins, or roughly $276 million in assets under management. Wintermute’s liquidity provision is expected to help address this initial sluggishness and bolster the growth of these investment products.

Enhancing Accessibility to Digital Assets

Wintermute CEO Evgeny Gaevoy emphasized the crucial role that crypto ETFs play in bringing the next wave of investors, both institutional and retail, into the digital asset space. By increasing access to these regulated and government-endorsed investment vehicles, Gaevoy believes that Wintermute’s involvement will further accelerate the growth of the crypto market, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Wintermute’s Broader Expansion Plans in Asia

Wintermute’s strategic focus on the Asian market extends beyond its involvement in Hong Kong’s crypto ETFs. The firm is also exploring opportunities to establish a presence in other pro-crypto jurisdictions, such as Singapore and Dubai, as it seeks to capitalize on the region’s favorable regulatory environment and growing investor appetite for digital assets.

Establishing a Third Office in Dubai

In addition to its existing offices in London and Singapore, Wintermute is considering the possibility of setting up a third office in Dubai. The emirate has emerged as a prominent hub for crypto-related activities, having introduced new regulations and initiatives to attract crypto entrepreneurs and businesses to its shores.

Wintermute’s expansion into Asia is driven by the region’s more favorable regulatory landscape compared to the West. While the United States and other Western countries have increased their scrutiny of the crypto industry, leading to legal actions against prominent exchanges, Asia has been more welcoming. Jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan have introduced new legislation and initiatives to foster the growth of the crypto ecosystem, making them attractive destinations for crypto-focused firms like Wintermute.

Weathering the Challenges of 2022

Wintermute’s decision to focus on the Asian market comes on the heels of a challenging year for the company. In 2022, the firm experienced a significant setback when it was hacked for $160 million in its decentralized finance (DeFi) operations. However, CEO Evgeny Gaevoy has assured clients that the company’s market-making funds remained safe, and the firm has continued to maintain its leading position in the industry.

Addressing the Financial Impact of the Hack

Despite the financial impact of the hack, Wintermute’s co-founder, Yoann Turpin, has described 2022 as an “expensive” year for the company. However, he has poured cold water on the possibility of the crypto firm raising new funds in the near future, suggesting that the firm is well-positioned to weather the storm and continue its expansion plans.

Celebrating Six Years of Operational Excellence

Amidst the challenges of 2022, Wintermute recently celebrated its sixth anniversary on July 25, 2023. The firm’s longevity and continued success in the highly competitive crypto market underscore its resilience and adaptability in the face of industry-wide disruptions.

Wintermute’s Comprehensive Liquidity Services

As a leading global algorithmic market maker, Wintermute provides a wide range of liquidity services across various crypto-related platforms and exchanges. The firm’s extensive reach and expertise in the industry position it as a key player in facilitating the growth and development of the digital asset ecosystem.

Liquidity Provision Across CeFi, DeFi, and OTC Markets

Wintermute’s liquidity services span centralized finance (CeFi), decentralized finance (DeFi), and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The firm maintains a presence on over 50 exchanges and trading platforms, including industry giants like Binance and ByBit, as well as a network of 1,000 counterparties across 200 OTC desks.

Wintermute’s Commitment to Transparency and Regulatory Compliance

Wintermute’s expansion into the Asian market is underpinned by its commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance. The firm has established a strong track record of operating within the boundaries of applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that its activities align with the evolving regulatory landscape in the regions where it operates.

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, Wintermute’s strategic focus on the Asian market positions the firm to capitalize on the region’s growing opportunities and mitigate the challenges faced in Western jurisdictions.

Adapting to Regulatory Shifts

Wintermute’s decision to strengthen its presence in Asia reflects its agility in adapting to the changing regulatory environment. By leveraging the more crypto-friendly policies in Asia, the firm aims to navigate the uncertainties and legal actions that have plagued the industry in the West, ensuring the continued growth and success of its liquidity services.

Embracing the Potential of Crypto ETFs

The firm’s involvement in Hong Kong’s spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs underscores its belief in the transformative potential of these investment vehicles. By providing the necessary liquidity, Wintermute aims to facilitate the seamless integration of digital assets into the mainstream financial ecosystem, paving the way for increased institutional and retail participation.


Wintermute’s expansion into Hong Kong’s burgeoning crypto ETF market represents a strategic move to solidify its presence in the Asia-Pacific region and capitalize on the growing investor appetite for regulated digital asset investment products. As the firm leverages its expertise in liquidity provision to support the smooth functioning of these ETFs, it aims to play a pivotal role in driving the adoption and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies, ultimately contributing to the continued evolution of the global crypto landscape.


What is Wintermute’s strategic move in Asia?

Wintermute plans to provide liquidity services for spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong, leveraging the region’s crypto-friendly regulatory environment.

How is Wintermute expanding its footprint in Asia?

Wintermute is partnering with OSL Digital Securities and HashKey HK Exchange to facilitate the buying, selling, and delivery of BTC and ETH assets for the ETFs in Hong Kong.

What is Wintermute’s approach to regulatory landscape in Asia?

Wintermute is bolstering its presence in Asia due to the region’s favorable regulatory environment, contrasting with heightened scrutiny faced by the crypto industry in the West.

What is Wintermute’s role in enhancing accessibility to digital assets?

Wintermute aims to increase access to regulated crypto ETFs, accelerating the growth of the crypto market, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

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