Top NFT Collections by Market Value: July 2024 Edition


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, NFT collections have surged to the forefront of the digital asset market, heralding a new era of online collectibles and investment opportunities. As we step into July 2024, the dynamics of the NFT marketplaces have further matured, making it imperative for enthusiasts and investors alike to stay updated on the top NFT collections by market value.

This insight is not just crucial for understanding the current market trends but also for predicting future movements. With NFTs ranging from art, music, to virtual real estate, the diversity and creativity within the marketplace are boundless, reflecting in the fluctuating floor prices and the emergence of rarest NFTs as coveted assets.

In this article, we delve into the nuances of the NFT ecosystem, providing a comprehensive review of the highest selling NFT and the best NFT collections that have dominated the market in 2024. From the pioneering CryptoPunks to the vibrant Bored Ape Yacht Club, and innovative platforms like Art Blocks and Axie Infinity, to notable mentions such as NBA Top Shot and the artistic Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro, our exploration will cover a diverse range of collections.

Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at rising stars like the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and groundbreaking works like The Merge by PAK, while examining key metrics such as most expensive NFT art and best nft collections on leading platforms like OpenSea and BLUR. Our analysis aims to provide readers with a bird’s eye view of the top NFT collections that are shaping the digital assets world in 2024, making it an indispensable guide for anyone navigating the highly speculative and vibrant universe of NFTs.

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Nft Collection Of Crypto Punks
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

CryptoPunks Overview

CryptoPunks, one of the first NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain, was launched by Larva Labs in 2017. This iconic collection features 10,000 uniquely generated 24×24 pixel art characters, each with distinct traits and attributes. As pioneers in the NFT space, CryptoPunks not only hold historical significance but also embody the anti-establishment spirit of the early blockchain movement, drawing inspiration from the London punk scene.

CryptoPunks Market Value

CryptoPunks has consistently ranked among the top NFT collections by market value, with individual punks fetching millions of dollars. The collection’s total market value has reached hundreds of millions, with significant sales such as Alien Punk #7804 and Ape Punk #6965 selling for 4200 ETH and 800 ETH respectively. The current floor price stands at about 62.59 ETH, contributing to a total all-time sales volume that exceeds $2.7 billion on platforms like OpenSea.

CryptoPunks Key Features

The uniqueness of each CryptoPunk is a key feature, with only 9 Alien Punks and other rare types like Zombies and Apes adding to their desirability and value. The collection’s rarity is further accentuated by traits such as Beanie, Choker, and Pilot Helmet, among others. Ownership of a CryptoPunk often serves as a status symbol within the NFT community, attracting high-profile collectors and celebrities. Furthermore, CryptoPunks are stored completely on-chain, ensuring that each character can be trustlessly collected or traded through the bespoke CryptoPunks marketplace embedded in the Ethereum blockchain.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

BAYC Overview

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is distinguished by its collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT serves as a membership card to the Yacht Club, unlocking access to exclusive benefits like THE BATHROOM, a collaborative graffiti board, and future community-driven perks.

BAYC Market Value

Recently, BAYC has experienced significant fluctuations in market value. As of early April 2024, the floor price of BAYC dipped to 10.89 ETH, marking a 58% decrease from January’s floor price of 27 ETH. Despite this decline, the collection’s market cap remains robust at approximately $411 million, making it one of the highest among profile picture NFT collections globally. This paradoxical increase in sales volume amidst falling prices suggests a complex interplay of market dynamics.

BAYC Key Features

BAYC stands out not only for its unique art but also for the extensive real-world utility and community benefits it offers. Ownership of a Bored Ape allows for commercial use rights, which have been enthusiastically adopted by holders. The collection’s exclusivity is further emphasized through celebrity endorsements and high-profile collaborations, increasing its appeal and perceived value. Moreover, the innovative use of NFTs for entry into an elite club and the potential for future digital and real-world utilities keeps the community engaged and invested.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

Art Blocks Overview

Art Blocks is a pioneering platform on the Ethereum blockchain, specializing in generative art. It empowers users to create unique digital artworks through algorithms, making each piece distinct and stored immutably on the blockchain. Launched with a vision to merge art with technology, Art Blocks has facilitated the creation of numerous notable projects, including the renowned Chromie Squiggles and Fidenza collections.

Art Blocks Market Value

As of April 2024, Art Blocks has generated an impressive sales volume of approximately $1.46 billion from around 270 thousand transactions on both primary and secondary markets. This substantial figure underscores the platform’s significant impact and the high demand for its unique digital artworks. Notable sales include Ringers #109, which sold for $6.93 million, highlighting the collection’s prestige and the collectors’ willingness to invest substantial amounts in rare digital art.

Art Blocks Key Features

The unique selling point of Art Blocks is its ability to produce one-of-a-kind generative art pieces that are never replicated. This is achieved through creative coding by artists, which allows for an infinite range of outcomes, each influenced by the algorithm’s random generation process. The platform categorizes its projects into Curated, Playground, and Factory, each designed to cater to different levels of exclusivity and artistic exploration. This structure not only fostiles creativity but also ensures a diverse and dynamic offering for collectors.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

Axie Infinity Overview

Axie Infinity, a leading blockchain-based game, integrates the thrill of gaming with the financial potential of cryptocurrencies, using digital collectibles known as Axies. Launched in 2018, it has rapidly evolved into a prominent platform within the Web 3.0 framework, focusing on rich player engagement and community participation. Unlike traditional investments, Axie Infinity emphasizes active involvement from its players, who can start with a modest investment and participate in various game modes to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Axie Infinity Market Value

The market dynamics of Axie Infinity are robust, reflecting its growing popularity and user base. Over the past year, the platform has seen a 30-fold increase in engagement, boasting around 350,000 daily active users by mid-2021. This surge in participation is mirrored in its financial performance, with the platform’s transaction fee revenue and the sales of Axies contributing significantly to its market value. The initial cost for new players can range from $700 to $1,000, necessary to purchase the minimum three Axies required to participate fully in the game.

Axie Infinity Key Features

Axie Infinity offers an immersive play-to-earn experience where players can battle, collect, and build a kingdom within the digital universe of Lunacia. Each Axie is a unique NFT with specific traits that can influence their performance in battles. Players can breed their Axies, creating new offspring with potentially valuable traits for trading or combat. The game is structured around various strategic elements, including different Axie classes and energy management, crucial for succeeding in both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment modes. The platform also features a proprietary marketplace for trading Axies, enhancing its ecosystem’s liquidity and player engagement.

NBA Top Shot

Nba Top Shot, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

NBA Top Shot Overview

NBA Top Shot, a collaboration between the NBA, the NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs, operates on the FLOW blockchain, designed to support next-generation games and digital assets. Launched in 2020, this platform revolutionized the concept of collectibles by merging the excitement of NBA highlights with the technology of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each “Moment” on NBA Top Shot is a digital artifact that captures a significant play or highlight from the NBA, making it a unique collectible item for fans and collectors.

NBA Top Shot Market Value

The market value of NBA Top Shot has seen significant fluctuations, with a peak sales volume of over $880 million during its early days. Despite a general downturn in the NFT market, NBA Top Shot has maintained a strong presence, supported by a dedicated community and the continuous introduction of innovative features like Challenges and Quests. Sales data from recent months show a resilient platform with hundreds of thousands of transactions, reflecting sustained interest and engagement from the community.

NBA Top Shot Key Features

NBA Top Shot stands out due to its unique features that enhance collector engagement. Moments are categorized into Common, Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate, each offering varying degrees of rarity and value. The platform also introduces innovative mechanics such as Trade Tickets, which provide utility for Moments and allow collectors to obtain exclusive packs. Additionally, the integration of Challenges and Quests offers dynamic ways to engage with the platform, rewarding users with special Moments for completing specific collections or tasks. These features ensure a vibrant and active marketplace, continually attracting new users and retaining the interest of existing collectors.

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

Chromie Squiggle By Snowfro, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

Chromie Squiggle Overview

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro, a standout generative art project, was introduced by Erick Calderon, also known as Snowfro, on November 27, 2020. This collection is pivotal as it represents the genesis project of Art Blocks, a platform renowned for its focus on generative art. Chromie Squiggles are not just digital images but are scripts embedded in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which execute to generate unique art pieces. Each of the 10,000 Squiggles is distinct, driven by a smart contract that ensures originality and rarity.

Chromie Squiggle Market Cap

As of April 2024, Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro holds a significant standing in the art segment of the NFT market with a market capitalization nearing $166 million. This valuation underscores its popularity and the high esteem in which collectors hold these NFTs. The total market cap of all Art Blocks projects on platforms like OpenSea is estimated at around $223 million, indicating the substantial financial impact and the collector’s trust in the Art Blocks platform.

Chromie Squiggle Key Features

The uniqueness of Chromie Squiggles lies in their interactive and dynamic nature. Users can engage with these NFTs on platforms like OpenSea, where they can manipulate the animation speed and toggle the background color. Each Squiggle reacts uniquely to keyboard inputs, changing in color and form, which enhances the user experience and engagement. The collection features a variety of styles such as Standard, Slinky, and Fuzzy, among others, each with distinct traits that affect their interaction and visual representation. Notably, the Hyper Bold variant, Squiggle #4697, achieved a record sale price of 945 Ethereum, highlighting the immense value and rarity of specific pieces within the collection.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition
top nft collections by market value: july 2024 edition

MAYC Overview

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), launched by Yuga Labs as an innovative extension of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), features up to 20,000 unique Mutant Ape NFTs. These NFTs are created either by applying a MUTANT SERUM to an existing Bored Ape or through direct minting during public sales [32][33]. This collection not only expands the BAYC ecosystem but also enhances its allure through the novelty of mutations, making each NFT a distinct digital asset with potential commercial rights and membership benefits.

MAYC Market Value

MAYC has shown significant market activity with a noted stabilization in its floor price and owner demographics. As of early 2024, the collection recorded a floor price of 21.85 ETH and a substantial secondary sales volume of over $850 million on platforms like OpenSea. This reflects a robust trading environment, underscored by a diverse owner base of approximately 11,000 individuals, maintaining a healthy holder-to-supply ratio of 1.75 [32][33].

MAYC Key Features

The uniqueness of MAYC stems from its dynamic mutation process, where owners can transform their Bored Apes using MUTANT SERUMS. These serums, categorized into three types—M1, M2, and the rare M3 Mega Mutant—allow for a variety of mutations, creating NFTs with unique traits and increased rarity. This process not only adds a layer of engagement and exclusivity but also significantly impacts the market value of the NFTs within the collection. Furthermore, MAYC holders enjoy exclusive access to community benefits such as ‘THE BATHROOM’ and a private Discord server, enhancing the overall value and appeal of the collection.

The Merge by PAK

The Merge By Pak, Top Nft Collections By Market Value: July 2024 Edition

The Merge Overview

The Merge by PAK represents a monumental event in the NFT space, not only for its substantial financial impact but also for its innovative approach to digital art. This unique and dynamic NFT collection, created by the digital artist Murat Pak, was featured on the leading NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway. It commemorated Ethereum’s transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which significantly reduced Ethereum’s energy consumption by approximately 99.95% and enhanced the network’s scalability and efficiency.

The Merge Sales Performance

The Merge’s sale was a groundbreaking event in the digital art market. Over the course of a 48-hour sale in December 2021, it netted an astounding $91.8 million, making it the most expensive NFT collection ever sold and the most expensive art piece sold by a living artist during a public sale. The sale attracted 29,983 unique address owners who purchased a total of 312,686 tokens, known as units of “mass”. The starting price for the public sale of The Merge tokens was set at $575 per unit, with the price increasing by $25 every 6 hours.

The Merge Artistic Significance

The artistic significance of The Merge lies in its minimalistic yet impactful visual design and the innovative mechanics behind its NFTs. Each token is represented by a simple white or yellow circle on a black background, with visuals generated fully on-chain based on formulas included in the smart contracts. A unique feature of The Merge collection is its smart contract mechanism that merges two NFTs from the collection into a single token with combined mass when held in the same wallet, symbolized by a larger circle. This mechanism ensures that as NFTs are transferred between wallets, the number of NFTs in circulation diminishes while their average mass increases, maintaining a constant total mass.


Throughout this article, we have journeyed through the most captivating terrains of the NFT landscape as it stands in July 2024, highlighting the major collections that have not only dominated the market by their value but also by their unique contributions to the digital art and blockchain communities. From the historical significance of CryptoPunks to the generative art innovations of Art Blocks, the diverse universes of Axie Infinity and NBA Top Shot, to the profound artistic statements of Chromie Squiggles and The Merge by PAK, we’ve explored how each collection reflects the evolving dynamics of creativity, investment, and technological advancements within the NFT space. These collections, through their market performance and community engagement, have underscored the importance and impact of NFTs in the digital assets marketplace, thereby providing invaluable insights into the current state and potential future directions of NFT investments.

The significance of these NFT collections extends beyond their sales figures, touching on broader themes of digital ownership, the democratization of art, and the potential for NFTs to redefine investment in the digital age. As we move forward, the evolution of these collections will likely continue to influence and shape the blockchain ecosystem, offering new opportunities for creators, investors, and collectors alike. It is evident that the continuously evolving nature of the NFT marketplace demands ongoing analysis and engagement from participants to navigate its complexities successfully. As such, the insights provided here serve as a foundation for understanding and tapping into the vibrant and multifaceted world of NFTs, a realm where art, technology, and finance intersect in unprecedented ways.


1. Which NFT sold for the highest price in 2024?
As of April 2024, the NFT known as The Merge, created by the digital artist PAK, holds the record for the highest sale price at $91.8 million.

2. What is the most valuable NFT collection as of now?
This question was not answered in the original input.

3. Which NFTs are considered the best investments in 2024?
In 2024, the top NFTs recommended for investment include CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and its extension, The Bored Ape Kennel Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, Invisible Friends, and Mad Lads.

4. Which platform is the most active for NFT transactions?
OpenSea is currently the leading marketplace for NFT sales. It offers a wide range of digital assets and provides a user-friendly platform for both browsing and minting NFTs. Signing up is free, and it actively supports artists and creators.


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