CertiK Fortifies Its Blockchain Ecosystem with Alibaba Cloud Partnership, Moves Infra to Alibaba Cloud

CertiK Fortifies Its Blockchain Ecosystem with Alibaba Cloud Partnership, Moves Infra to Alibaba Cloud

The blockchain ecosystem has witnessed a remarkable evolution in recent years, driven by the growing demand for secure, decentralized, and efficient distributed computing. As the industry continues to expand, the need for robust cloud infrastructure and comprehensive security solutions has become increasingly crucial. CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm, has recognized this imperative and has taken a significant step forward by partnering with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing subsidiary of the e-commerce giant Alibaba.

In a strategic move, CertiK has announced the relocation of its cloud infrastructure in Asia to Alibaba Cloud. This partnership aims to bolster the security and operational efficiency of CertiK’s blockchain applications across the region. By leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s advanced resource management services, CertiK can now ensure the security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of its blockchain-powered solutions.

Streamlining Blockchain Development and Deployment

The integration of CertiK’s security suite with Alibaba Cloud’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform has enabled developers to seamlessly access a wide range of security tools and services. This includes code reviews, risk assessments, team identity verification, and background checks – all powered by CertiK’s expertise and deployed on Alibaba Cloud’s robust infrastructure.

Expanding CertiK’s Offerings on Alibaba Cloud

As part of the partnership, CertiK will expand its offerings on Alibaba Cloud by introducing additional security solutions. These include penetration testing and the Skynet due diligence tool, further strengthening the security arsenal available to Web3 projects and developers.

Leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s Expertise in Blockchain and Web3

Alibaba Cloud’s previous collaborations with blockchain platforms, such as its integration with the Avalanche network, have demonstrated the cloud provider’s commitment to fostering Web3 development. By partnering with CertiK, Alibaba Cloud solidifies its position as a trusted cloud infrastructure provider for the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

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CertiK: A Pioneer in Blockchain Security

CertiK, founded in 2018 by professors from Yale University and Columbia University, has established itself as a leading name in the blockchain security industry. With a mission to secure the Web3 world, CertiK combines expert manual review with cutting-edge AI technology to protect and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts.

CertiK’s expertise is evident in its impressive track record. The company has worked with over 4,500 enterprise clients, secured more than $380 billion worth of digital assets, and detected over 60,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code. Its client portfolio includes industry-leading projects such as Aptos, Ripple, Sandbox, Polygon, BNB Chain, and TON.

CertiK’s prominence in the industry has also placed it at the center of a controversy involving a white hat hack on Kraken’s Digital Asset Exchange. While the incident highlighted the importance of responsible disclosure and immediate reporting of vulnerabilities, it also demonstrated CertiK’s commitment to ensuring the security of blockchain-based platforms.

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Alibaba Cloud’s Expanding Footprint in the Blockchain and Web3 Landscape

Alibaba Cloud’s partnership with CertiK is part of the cloud provider’s broader strategy to enhance its presence in the blockchain and Web3 space. The company has actively collaborated with other blockchain platforms, such as Avalanche and NEAR, to accelerate the development and deployment of Web3 applications.

Alibaba Cloud’s extensive developer ecosystem and scalable infrastructure have proven beneficial for blockchain projects. By providing node-as-a-service programs and simplifying the deployment process, Alibaba Cloud aims to empower Web3 developers and foster innovation in the decentralized computing landscape.

Alongside its blockchain initiatives, Alibaba Cloud has also been exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s payment subsidiary, Alipay, recently introduced an AI-powered feature that utilizes image recognition technology to help users detect early signs of balding. This move highlights Alibaba Cloud’s diversification into emerging technologies, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive cloud computing platform.

China’s Evolving Crypto Landscape and Regulatory Landscape

The partnership between CertiK and Alibaba Cloud also sheds light on the evolving crypto landscape in China. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the country’s central bank, has addressed the need for joint international efforts to regulate the cryptocurrency industry effectively.

Crackdown on Crypto Transactions and Mining

In 2021, the PBoC announced measures to combat the adoption of cryptocurrencies in mainland China, leading to a virtual ban on crypto transactions and mining activities. However, China has remained a significant crypto-mining hub, underscoring the ongoing challenges in regulating the industry.

Revising Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Laws

To address the increasing risks associated with virtual assets, China is set to revise its outdated Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) law. The draft amendment, discussed at a State Council meeting chaired by Chinese Premier Li Qiang, will soon undergo review by the national legislature, signaling the government’s commitment to strengthening regulatory oversight in the crypto space.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

The CertiK-Alibaba Cloud partnership is a testament to the growing importance of collaborative efforts in the blockchain and Web3 space. By combining their respective strengths and expertise, the two companies can drive innovation, enhance security, and foster the development of next-generation decentralized applications that can truly transform the digital landscape.


The migration of CertiK’s cloud infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud marks a significant milestone in the blockchain security firm’s journey. By leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s advanced resources and expertise, CertiK can now provide its clients with a more robust, secure, and reliable platform for their blockchain-powered solutions. This partnership not only strengthens CertiK’s position as a leading player in the blockchain security industry but also reinforces Alibaba Cloud’s commitment to supporting the growth and innovation of the Web3 ecosystem in Asia.

As the blockchain and Web3 landscapes continue to evolve, the collaboration between CertiK and Alibaba Cloud serves as a testament to the power of strategic alliances in driving the industry forward. By combining their respective strengths and resources, the two companies are poised to empower developers, enterprises, and the broader blockchain community, ultimately shaping the future of decentralized computing and secure digital ecosystems.


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