Binance France Undergoes Ownership Restructuring to Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Binance France
Binance France

In a strategic move to align its operations with evolving regulatory frameworks, Binance France, the European arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange, has recently seen a significant ownership restructuring. This pivotal change is a direct response to the AMF France’s warning about the legal challenges faced by Binance’s former CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), in the United States, prompting a reevaluation of Binance EU’s leadership to ensure compliance and secure its operations.

Binance France Ownership Transfer to Founding Members

According to reports, Binance France has shifted 100% of its ownership to two founding members of the Binance group – Yulong Yan, also known as Allan Yan, and Lihua He. Each now holds a 50% stake in the France Binance subsidiary, a necessary step to address the concerns raised by the AMF and solidify who owns Binance in the European landscape.

The AMF’s warning, spotlighting Zhao’s legal entanglements, prompted the ownership restructuring at Binance France. Zhao, previously embroiled in legal issues with the U.S. Justice Department and other agencies, has stepped back from Binance France after pleading guilty to U.S. charges, highlighting the gravity of CZ news and his subsequent arrest.

Compliance with Regulatory Frameworks

This strategic adjustments is aimed at navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, especially with the upcoming MiCA regulation in the European Union. By adhering to regulatory standards and revamping its leadership, Binance France is demonstrating its commitment to compliance and its ambition to maintain a strong presence in the European crypto market.

Regulatory Challenges and Investigations

Before the recent changes, Binance France grappled with several regulatory challenges, including accusations of operating illegally since 2020 and investigations into money laundering charges. The situation escalated when the CFTC filed a lawsuit against Binance in March 2023, complicating its efforts to secure a banking partner in France.

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Departure of Executives

The regulatory pressures facing Binance France have led to the departure of several key executives, including St├ęphanie Cabossioras, the company’s executive director, marking a significant shift in the company’s leadership in October 2023.

Expansion and Licensing Challenges

Binance’s regulatory hurdles extend beyond France. In June 2023, the company faced a denial for a virtual asset service provider license in the Netherlands, and its operations in Belgium were shut down by regulators. These events underscore the challenges Binance faces across Europe, including in France Binance and Binance Netherlands, as it navigates the complex regulatory environment.

Founding Members’ Profiles

The new majority shareholders of Binance France, Yulong Yan and Lihua He, are integral to the Binance group’s foundation. Yan, also known as Allan Yan, has a history of collaboration with CZ through Bijie Tech, which provided software solutions to cryptocurrency exchanges. Lihua He, on the other hand, maintains a lower public profile.

Regulatory Approval and Passporting

Despite facing regulatory challenges, Binance France achieved a significant milestone by receiving AMF France approval in May 2022, after previously operating without authorization since 2020. This approval marks a crucial step, allowing the company to extend its services across all 27 EU member states under the MiCA regulations.

Ongoing Regulatory Scrutiny

The changes at Binance France occur amidst a broader regulatory crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the importance of compliance and transparency. This global scrutiny affects Binance’s operations worldwide, emphasizing the need for the company to adapt to regulatory shifts and contexts to maintain its market position.

Importance of Regulatory Compliance

This case underscores the paramount importance of regulatory compliance for crypto exchanges like Binance operating within the European market. As the digital asset service provider industry continues to evolve, navigating the complex regulatory landscape becomes crucial. Adapting business practices and making necessary compliance adjustments are essential to meet the demands of policymakers and protect the interests of customers, all while adhering to the evolving crypto rulebook.

Implications for the Broader Crypto Ecosystem

The restructuring of ownership at Binance France, coupled with the company’s ongoing regulatory challenges, has significant implications for the cryptocurrency ecosystem at large. As a leading crypto exchange, Binance’s efforts to comply with crypto regulations not only affect its operations but also have the potential to set precedents and influence the future direction of cryptocurrency regulation in Europe and beyond.


The ownership restructuring at Binance France reflects the dynamic regulatory shifts in the cryptocurrency industry. By transferring full ownership to its founding members and undergoing leadership changes, Binance aims to underscore its commitment to regulatory compliance and secure its foothold in the European market. These actions, amidst the broader regulatory contexts faced by Binance globally, highlight the industry’s need to prioritize transparency, accountability, and compliance adjustments. As the digital asset landscape evolves, crypto exchanges like Binance must stay vigilant and adaptable to navigate regulatory challenges and support the growth of the wider crypto ecosystem.

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