Aptos Network Shatters Records, Records Highest Transactions at 115 Milliion in a day in any Layer 1 Blockchain Ecosystem

The blockchain industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, with the emergence of innovative platforms that challenge the status quo. Among these disruptive forces, the Aptos blockchain network has carved out a distinct niche, capturing the attention of crypto enthusiasts and industry observers alike. Developed by a team of former Facebook employees, Aptos has set a new benchmark in the realm of blockchain transactions, surpassing even the formidable Solana network.

Aptos Surpasses Solana in Daily Transaction Volume

In a remarkable feat, the Aptos network recorded a staggering 115.4 million transactions in a single day on May 25th, 2024, eclipsing Solana’s 31.7 million transactions during the same period. This milestone not only solidifies Aptos’ position as a rising star in the blockchain space but also underscores the chain’s remarkable scalability and transactional activity.

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The Previous Record Holder: Sui Network

Prior to Aptos’ record-breaking achievement, the previous record for the highest number of daily transactions on a layer-1 blockchain was held by the Sui Network, which had processed over 65 million transactions in a single day. Aptos’ success in surpassing this figure by a significant margin of 50% is a testament to the network’s technological advancements and its ability to handle vast volumes of concurrent transactions.

Transactions per Second (TPS) Reaches New Heights

Alongside the impressive transaction volume, the Aptos network also set a new benchmark for Transactions per Second (TPS), reaching an all-time high of 32,000 on the same day. This remarkable TPS figure further highlights the network’s capacity to process a vast number of transactions in a short span of time, a critical factor in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

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The Driving Force Behind Aptos’ Surge: Tapos Cat

Tapso Cat , Aptos Network Shatters Records, Records Highest Transactions At 115 Milliion In A Day In Any Layer 1 Blockchain Ecosystem
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The surge in Aptos’ transaction volume and TPS can be largely attributed to the impact of Web3 technology on the gaming industry, exemplified by the launch of a new game called Tapos Cat. This tap-to-earn game, where users can earn HEART tokens by “tickling” a virtual cat, has gained immense popularity within the Aptos ecosystem. In its first day on the mainnet, the Tapos Cat game alone processed an impressive 10 million transactions, making a significant contribution to the overall spike in network activity.

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The Waived Gas Fees Incentive

One of the key factors that drove the rapid adoption of Tapos Cat was the game’s offer to eliminate gas fees for the first 72 hours. This incentive encouraged users to participate in the game without incurring any additional costs, further fueling the surge in transactions.

Aggregator Feature Ensures Stability

Despite the overwhelming influx of transactions, the Aptos network has maintained consistent gas fees and success rates, thanks to its Aggregator feature. This innovative functionality enables the simultaneous processing of multiple transactions, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience even during periods of high network activity.

Questioning the Sustainability of Tapos Cat

While the Tapos Cat game has undoubtedly contributed to Aptos’ record-breaking performance, some industry experts have expressed doubts about the long-term sustainability and practical utility of the game. Helius Labs CEO, for instance, has raised concerns about the game’s emphasis on click-and-buy interactions, suggesting that it may be more focused on artificially inflating network metrics rather than genuinely serving user needs.

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Aptos Supporters Defend the Engineering Prowess

Aptos supporters, however, contend that the Tapos Cat game serves as a vital engineering project, demonstrating the robustness and scalability of the Aptos network. They argue that developers play a crucial role in creating a seamless user experience, showcasing the network’s capabilities and paving the way for future developments and advancements within the Aptos ecosystem.

Aptos’ Commitment to Scaling and Expansion

Aptos Labs, the team behind the Aptos network, remains steadfast in its mission to enable billions of people to access decentralized assets. By leveraging APIs and SDKs, developers can connect to start their projects and expand with other tools or chains. In May 2024, the company introduced a new cohort of global advisers, including David Lawee, the former vice president of corporate development at Google, further bolstering its expertise and strategic direction.

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Partnerships and Initiatives

In November 2023, Aptos Labs and Atomrigs Lab announced plans to launch a Web3 wallet service, T wallet, in partnership with South Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom (SKT). This collaboration invites individuals to join a community of thought leaders and innovators, highlighting Aptos’ commitment to expanding its reach and integrating its technology with established players in the broader technology landscape.

Aptos Network Potential and Challenges Ahead

The Aptos network’s record-breaking performance, driven by cutting-edge tech innovations, has undoubtedly placed it in the spotlight, generating considerable excitement and optimism within the blockchain community. However, the network also faces its fair share of challenges, including the need to maintain its momentum, address any concerns about the sustainability of its growth drivers, and continue to innovate and differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive market.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Aptos will need to navigate the launch process by strategically planning and orchestrating its adaptation, leveraging its technological prowess and strategic partnerships to solidify its position as a leading player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 ecosystems.


Aptos’ record-breaking achievements in transaction volume and TPS have undoubtedly cemented its status as a rising star in the blockchain industry. The network’s ability to handle massive transaction loads, coupled with its commitment to scalability and innovation, positions it as a formidable contender in the race to deliver the next generation of decentralized solutions. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, the Aptos network’s journey will be one to watch, as it navigates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


1)What is the significance of Aptos network’s record-breaking transaction volume?

The record-breaking transaction volume solidifies Aptos’ position as a rising star in the blockchain space, showcasing its scalability and efficiency.

2)What contributed to the surge in Aptos’ transaction volume and TPS?

The launch of the Tapos Cat game, offering a gas-fee-free experience for the first 72 hours, and the Aggregator feature for simultaneous transaction processing were key contributors.

3)What concerns have been raised about the sustainability of the Tapos Cat game?

Some experts have questioned its long-term sustainability and practical utility, suggesting a focus on inflating network metrics rather than serving genuine user needs.

4)How does Aptos demonstrate its commitment to scaling and expansion?

Aptos Labs introduced a new cohort of global advisers and collaborated with Atomrigs Lab and SK Telecom to launch a Web3 wallet service, T wallet, showcasing its commitment to scaling and integrating technology with established players.

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