Bitdeer Expands ASIC Chip Capabilities with Acquisition of Desiweminer in $140 Million all stock deal

Bitdeer Expands ASIC Chip Capabilities with Acquisition of Desiweminer

In a strategic move to strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency mining landscape, Bitdeer, a leading technology company in the blockchain and high-performance computing space, has announced the all-stock deal to acquire Desiweminer, a prominent fabless bitcoin mining chip designer. This share purchase agreement, valued at $140 million, marks a significant milestone for Bitdeer as it seeks to drive innovation and excellence in the mining industry.

Bitdeer’s Transformative Desiweminer Acquisition

Bitdeer, a Singapore-based technology powerhouse, has agreed to acquire all outstanding shares of Desiweminer in exchange for 20 million Class A ordinary BTDR shares. This acquisition, subject to customary closing conditions, follows a rigorous due diligence process spanning over ten months, during which Bitdeer thoroughly evaluated Desiweminer’s technological capabilities, engineering talent, and supply chain prowess.

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Complementary Chip Designs and Synergies

The strategic rationale behind this acquisition is evident. Desiweminer’s cutting-edge proprietary ASIC chip designs, optimized for advanced semiconductor processes at 4nm and below, are highly complementary to Bitdeer’s existing bitcoin ASIC technology. By integrating these advanced capabilities, Bitdeer aims to enhance its current product lineup, including the SEALMINER series, and accelerate the development of its next generation ASICs, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of ASIC efficiency and performance.

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Strengthening Bitdeer’s ASIC Design Team

The Desiweminer team, renowned for their achievements in ASIC design and their proven track record of delivering nearly 30,000 high-performance machines to the market, will join Bitdeer’s ASIC design team in Singapore. This integration of talent and expertise will further strengthen Bitdeer’s capabilities, enabling the company to respond more swiftly to the evolving demands of the mining industry.

Immediate Product Releases and Long-term Value Creation

The companies have announced that products featuring the integrated technologies of Bitdeer and Desiweminer are slated for immediate release. This rapid time-to-market is a testament to the synergies and complementary strengths of the two entities. Looking ahead, Bitdeer’s leadership team, with their deep industry experience, is well-positioned to disrupt and capture a significant share of the multi-billion-dollar ASIC market in the coming years, delivering long-term value for its shareholders.

Bitdeer’s Strategic Investments in ASIC Business

Bitdeer’s acquisition of Desiweminer is part of the company’s ongoing and substantial investments into the ASIC business, which it considers a cornerstone of its strategy. By continuously enhancing its ASIC design capabilities and product offerings, including ESG-friendly mining equipment, Bitdeer aims to drive innovation and excellence in the mining industry, solidifying its position as a leading technology provider in the blockchain and high-performance computing space.

Tether’s $150 Million Investment in Bitdeer

The acquisition announcement comes on the heels of Bitdeer receiving a $150 million investment from the stablecoin company Tether. This infusion of capital further strengthens Bitdeer’s financial resources and supports its ambitious growth plans, including the integration of Desiweminer’s technologies and the development of next-generation ASIC solutions.

Desiweminer’s Expertise in ASIC Design and Manufacturing

Bitdeer Expands Asic Chip Capabilities With Acquisition Of Desiweminer
bitdeer expands asic chip capabilities with acquisition of desiweminer in $140 million all stock deal

Desiweminer, a fabless crypto ASIC design company, has established itself as a leader in the field of Bitcoin mining. With a focus on customized chip design and yield control, the company combines advanced circuit architecture and predictive yield technology to ensure the development of high-performance, energy-efficient mining equipment. Desiweminer’s seasoned team, with extensive experience in low-power design and supply chain management, has enabled the company to deliver technologically advanced solutions with rapid production capabilities, catering to a global market.

Vesting and Lock-up Provisions

As part of the acquisition agreement, a portion of the Bitdeer Shares to be issued to Desiweminer’s shareholders will vest in equal installments over a period of five or seven years, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement. Additionally, 50% of the Bitdeer Shares issued to certain sellers cannot be transferred for six months following the closing, and the remaining 50% cannot be transferred for twelve months, further aligning the interests of the Desiweminer team with Bitdeer’s long-term success.

Bitdeer’s Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Bitdeer’s Chief Business Officer, Linghui Kong, expressed the company’s excitement about welcoming Desiweminer into the Bitdeer family, highlighting Desiweminer’s remarkable achievements in ASIC design and their proven track record in the industry. Kong emphasized Bitdeer’s ongoing and substantial investments in the ASIC business as a cornerstone of its strategy to drive innovation and excellence in the mining industry, ultimately delivering long-term value for its shareholders.

Integrating Advanced Technologies for Next-Generation ASIC Solutions

By integrating Desiweminer’s advanced chip designs and technologies, Bitdeer aims to enhance its existing product lineup and accelerate the development of its next-generation ASIC solutions. This strategic move is expected to push the boundaries of what’s possible in ASIC technology and efficiency, further solidifying Bitdeer’s position as a disruptive force in the multi-billion-dollar ASIC market.

Bitdeer’s Global Footprint and Diversified Offerings

Headquartered in Singapore, Bitdeer has deployed datacenters in the United States, Norway, and Bhutan, showcasing its global reach and commitment to providing comprehensive computing solutions to its customers. In addition to its mining operations, the company also offers advanced cloud mining capabilities to customers with high demand for artificial intelligence, demonstrating its diversified portfolio and ability to cater to a wide range of technological needs.

Forward-Looking Statements and Investor Considerations

Bitdeer’s acquisition of Desiweminer is accompanied by forward-looking statements that outline the company’s expectations and potential risks. Investors and others are encouraged to review the information Bitdeer provides on its website and social media channels, as the company may use these platforms to announce material information. As with any investment, potential investors should carefully consider the risk factors discussed in Bitdeer’s annual report and subsequent filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before making any decisions.


What is the value of the acquisition deal between Bitdeer and Desiweminer?

The acquisition deal is valued at $140 million, and it involves an all-stock transaction.

What are the key reasons behind Bitdeer’s acquisition of Desiweminer?

Bitdeer aims to integrate Desiweminer’s advanced ASIC chip designs, strengthen its ASIC design team, and drive innovation in the mining industry.

How will the integration of Bitdeer and Desiweminer technologies benefit the market?

The integrated technologies are expected to result in immediate product releases and long-term value creation, pushing the boundaries of ASIC efficiency and performance.

What are the key aspects of Bitdeer’s commitment to innovation and excellence?

Bitdeer is committed to substantial investments in the ASIC business, integrating advanced technologies for next-generation ASIC solutions, and providing diversified offerings globally.

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